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Tuition Scale

Every attempt is made to keep tuition at a reasonable amount for our families.  As a private school, we do not receive any local or federal funds to subsidize the cost of a Catholic education.  Our funds come from tuition, parish subsidy, and third source funds (i.e. fundraisers, Scrip, Endowment Fund).  Below is the current tuition scale.  




Registration begins during Catholic Schools Week. The registration form for both new and returning families can be found on the St. Kilian School website under “Enrollment”. Families are asked to complete the registration form and to send a check for the family’s $250 registration fee to the School Office by May 1st. The $250 fee will be applied to your family’s tuition bill.

The remaining tuition balance will be divided into 10 installments with the 1st payment due at supply drop-off. Two other payment options include:
  • Payment in full by September 1st with an applied 2% discount.
  • One payment per semester plan (September/January) with a 1% discount of the total tuition cost applied during the spring semesterpayment.
    • (Ex. $3,300 tuition bill. August payment would be $1,650 and January payment would be $1,617, reflecting the 1% discount.)
Please note - your tuition maybe tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.
Wisconsin Parental Choice Program: Families may apply for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) between Feb. 1st and April 15th.
Tuition Assistance: A payment plan may be arranged until tuition is paid in full. (Please see the bottom of the next page.)
The total cost of educating a student at St. Kilian School is over $7,800. While tuition fees play a significant role in covering operating expenses of the school, the parish and generosity of our parishioners cover the remaining portion of educating our students. Our students and staff are blessed to have the continual support of our parish community.



REGISTRATION FEE: The registration form and the $250.00 registration fee are due by May 1st. The fee is non-refundable and will be applied towards your tuition bill. 

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Payments may be made by check, ACH withdrawal, or our online payment program, WeShare. WeShare will allow you to make payments from a credit or debit card, as well as a savings or checking account.

  1. Monthly installment automatic withdrawal program as established by the parish.  Payments made through an agreement with the business manager from your checking or savings account (ACH) to St. Kilian begin September and go through May.  Payments will be due on the 15th of each month.
  2. Payment in full to the parish through the school or parish office on or before August 31st, which will result in a 2% discount. 
  3. Two payment plan.  50% of the balance due will be due on September 15, and the remaining balance due on January 15, which will result in a 1% discount of the     total tuition bill given towards the second payment.
  4. A late payment fee may be charged for payments not received within ten days of due date. 



TECHNOLOGY FEE: Included in tuition fee.

BAND FEE: Cost is $300.00 per child for the year which applies only to fifth through eighth grade students in band.  This fee covers lessons and band practices - not the rental cost of instruments.  This fee should be paid in full at the beginning of the school year or in two installments due at the beginning of each semester.



SCRIP PROGRAM: All families may participate in the SCRIP Program run by St. Kilian School/Parish. Proceeds from purchasing gift cards through the program will benefit the families and parish. The family's rebate for the school year will be applied to tuition for the day school or religious education program. Please see the school website for more information.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT PROGRAM: School parents per School Committee policy are highly encouraged to participate in the Parent Involvement Program.  Volunteer work within the school and parish helps to keep the cost of tuition and programs down. Volunteering also sets an example for our students who are required to obtain service hours. 


ASSISTANCE IN PAYING TUITION:  Families who fall into financial hardship are encouraged to speak with the principal to discuss payment options.

PAST DUE TUITION DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR: In the event that a family falls behind in monthly tuition payments during the school year we reserve the right to:
  1. Contact family by letter and telephone to arrange payment.
  2. Request a meeting with the business manager.
  3. Send a certified letter and assess late penalty fees.
  4. Take any appropriate action the parish feels necessary. 
PAST DUE TUITION AT THE END OF THE FISCAL YEAR: In the event that there is outstanding tuition due from previous school years by June 30, we reserve the right to:
  1. Require a meeting with administration and the business manager.
  2. Refuse future admission.
  3. Take any appropriate action the parish feels necessary.