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Technology Committee Plant Sale

2020 Plant Sale

St. Kilian Technology Committee is hosting its 20th annual plant sale. What better way to spend time during quarantine than to plant flowers and get our yards looking nice!   Let us help you by doing the shopping for you!!   We source our plants from Shady Lane Greenhouse in Menomonee Falls. They are known for their great products and wonderful selection. Whether it is products off of our order form or gift cards to purchase directly from the greenhouse and make your own selections, you will end up with a wonderful product and support a great cause!


This year's Plant Sale profits will go towards updating infrastructure and enhancing the chromebook program.  Keeping the foundation of the Technology program up to date and current is essential to sustaining an effective digital learning environment.


Below is a link to the Plant Sale order form:


*Orders must be placed by 5/1/2020.  Please return order form and payment to the School or Parish office.  Make checks out to St. Kilian

**Pick up will be in the St. Kilian school parking lot on 5/9/2019 from 9:30am-10:30am.


2020 Plant Sale Order Form




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