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Enlightened by Faith, Enriched by Education

Combined 3K & 4K Program

St. Kilian School offers a combined 3K and 4K program five days a week with an option for half-day or full-day instruction.


Skills developed in our 3K program include:

  • Color recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Small motor (cutting, painting, gluing, assembling)
  • Spatial relations
  • Socialization
  • Self-Help
  • Cooperation
  • Sharing (toys, supplies, one teacher)
  • Taking turns
  • Responsibility
  • Vocabulary Skills
  • Following Directions
  • Listening
  • Basic Religion Concepts
  • Exposure to many topics and experiences through informal (i.e. science table) and structured activities (circle time discussions, fingerplays, literature)


Skills developed in our 4K program include:

  • Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills: catching, throwing, striking a variety of objects, basic balance, follows rules and directions, executes simple rolling and tumbling, improve speed and agility, move in time to music and dances

Fine Motor Skills: prints name, traces basic shapes and letters, writes the names of basic shapes and letters

  • Religion

Recalls Bible stories, demonstrates Christian behavior, makes the sign of the cross, recalls prayers, recognizes the importance of prayer, shows willingness to help others, understands fairness and equality

  • Social Development

Follows classroom rules, plays well with others, demonstrates self-confidence and independence, participates in all activities and conversations, initiates conversation with teachers and peers, uses good manners, displays teamwork, makes friends, solves conflicts in a peaceful manner

  • Reading Readiness

Recognizes own printed name, identifies letters of the alphabet, matches initial sounds with letters, listens to and understands stories, answers questions about stories

  • Math

Identifies numbers 1-20, puts numbers 1-10 in order, counts orally to 50, sorts and classifies, identifies likenesses and differences, interprets graphs, understands number values, understands daily, weekly and monthly order, understands the concept of time and order