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Grade 9

This page will list information specific to the Grade 9 year.  The goal is to have information and forms available here that you will need through out the year.


Grade 9 takes classroom learned faith and makes it come to life!

Grade 9 Religious Education students complete section on signs and symbols.


Are you aware of how many symbols of our Faith there are, or how many symbols are visible in our worship space?  The Grade 9 Religious Education students have been studying, and recently completed a section on, these many symbols.  The students even went on a type of scavenger hunt with their parents to find and identify symbols in our Worship Space. As part of this section, the students went to another denomination’s church in the area to see what symbols they use in their worship and what, if any, symbols are in their worship space.  The students realized what a rich history the Catholic Church has with signs and symbols, especially compared to another Christian denomination.   On Sunday, October 21st they completed their unit on Symbols of our Faith.  They celebrated this unit by carving some of the symbols they learned about into pumpkins.  The pumpkins were donated by 9th Grade Catechist, Russ Krebs.  The evening began and ended with prayer, and included a focus on the true meaning behind the celebration of Halloween.  After the pumpkins were carved, as a group they then lit the pumpkins, and said a very meaningful prayer.  The students celebrated by sharing special Fall themed cake and apple juice brought by the Catechists.  It was a fun and enjoyable way to reinforce their classroom learning!


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