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Sunday Morning Program 4K-Grade 7

This page features information about the Sunday morning 4K — 7th Grade program.

We look forward to another faith-filled year of Christian Formation!!


October 24th, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


RE/CF Sessions resumed September 12, 2021!


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You are the most important person, for at least the first number of years of your child’s life, in how they will understand their life as a follower, a believer of Jesus Christ.  You will also be the most important person in your child living their faith and responding as an active member of the Catholic Church.  When your child is baptized your child becomes a Christian, but as the years unfold, your child also becomes more and more of a Christian because of the role models they have and the life of the family that envelopes and surrounds her/him.  What a challenge that is.  But also what a privileged responsibility!  Our first – and usually our most important – experiences of understanding who and what God is, happens within the family.  Family life is indeed holy.  Family life is indeed sacred.  The family is indeed where God is.

Families don’t need to have a specific type of thought or understanding where they strive to “put” or “place” God into their lives, and daily routines.  God is already there!  It is not our own work that we do in order that God will love us totally and unconditionally.  God is already there; we just need to take the time to become more aware of God’s presence in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, that is often hard to do because we are living such busy lives.  This is what we need to do – to slow down, so we may become aware that God is truly a part of every single family.


Christian Formation, and our sessions, should feel more like going to Church than going to school.  (We are working on changing to that model! — It is a work in progress.)

Liturgy is our primary theology, our primary learning tool about Catholicism.  Liturgy is the first place/time that we encounter Christ.  Liturgy forms us!!



Trust the past to God’s mercy,

the present to God’s love,

and the future to God’s providence.

                               ~ St. Augustine


CF Sessions for the 2021-2022 year returned to usual and will be held

weekly on Sundays with the last Sunday of the month off.


    Is Courtesy Required for Catholics? — Ascension Presents — Fr. Mike Schmitz

    Fr. Mike explains why courtesy is not just a set of proprietary gestures meant for upper echelon or archaic societies. Ultimately, it's about respect for the dignity of others, and showing courtesy matters because it tells other people that you are willing to take the time to think of them. In a sense, showing courtesy is the Christian thing to do.


    Aren't All Churches The Same? — Fr. Mike Schmitz


    There is plenty of room for your child(ren) if they are not yet registered for Christian Formation!  Let the parish help you pass on your Catholic Faith to your child(ren)!  Registration information can be found on the Christian Formation webpage:  Contact Dennis Vlasak, DF, at 262-673-4831 ext. 7406 or for answers to your questions.


    Students in the Sunday Morning sessions should enter the school building through the Breezeway, the Library entrance, or Main entrance off of High Street.


    St. Kilian Parish Christian Formation Program can only successfully proceed with the help of many, many volunteers.  Please pray and search your heart for people to come forward to fill our vacancies.  The parish is currently looking for the following:

    Office Aides & Hall Monitors

    Substitute Catechists

    Catechists in Grades: We have filled all the slots!  Thank you!!


    How to Get Kids Excited about the Mass — Ascension Press





    First Reconciliation and First Eucharist 2021-2022


    First Reconciliation is scheduled for March 5th or 12th at 3:15.  This is a new time of year for First Reconciliation.  Fr. Britto wants the children to receive First Reconciliation during the penitential season of Lent.  You have 2 choices of dates and the group will have 2 opportunities to receive the Sacrament on either of these 2 days.  

    First Eucharist Afternoon of Reflection is Sunday, March 10, 2022.  The afternoon runs from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

    First Eucharist is scheduled for Sunday, April 24 at 9:00am or Saturday, April 30 at 4:30pm during Sunday Liturgy.  Again, you have a choice of 2 dates as the group will be split into 2 different Masses - one on Sunday, and one on Saturday.


    Five ways for parents to prepare children for First Holy Communion —


    As of now, due to COVID-19, we are not processing the gifts to the Altar.  We will let you know if that changes.


    Inform an usher that you are present to bring up the gifts for Mass.

    Sit in the aisle near the gift table.

    After the petitions are read, the ushers do the collection. After the collection, the priest will stand up and move to the aisle along with the servers. You would then get up and go to the gift table.

    Pick up the pitcher (1) and the bowl (1). There should be two family members (parents preferred) including the First Communicant. Other family members may walk along.

    Walk slowly down the main aisle towards the priest.

    Hand the gifts to the priest.

    Bow together towards the altar.

    Turn around and go back to your seats.


    ***If you have any questions, call Dennis Vlasak in the CF Office at 673-4831 ext. 7406***


    The 2018-19 Celebration of First Eucharist was Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 2:00pm.  Here are some pictures of that Mass.


    At Baptismal Font for renewal of Baptismal Vows


    Around the Altar at the Eucharistic Prayer


    Listening to the Homily


  • Advent in 2 minutes video

  • The Immaculate Conception & Mary
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