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The Sacraments bring the individual and the Christian community together before the Lord in the Rites of Initiation.  The Sacraments renew us each week in that bond and that presence, and they express what happens when two people get married, when we are reconciled to one another, to the Church, to God, when we are sick, and when we die.  The Sacraments celebrate those called into leadership as ordained ministers.   In very simple ways, the Sacraments mark the mornings, the meals and the nights of our lives.


Sacraments of Christian Initiation - Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation

Sacraments of Healing - Reconciliation, Anointing of The Sick

Sacraments of Service to the Community - Matrimony, Holy Orders


We are honored to celebrate these Sacramental moments with you as you journey in life.  We are honored that you would come to us to celebrate these Sacraments.  St. Kilian’s Christian Formation team conducts Sacramental Preparation programs for children, youth, and adults.  We gather as a community to celebrate Sacramental moments throughout the year.


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