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Classes resumed September 9, 2018!


Registration for the 2018-2019 Religious Education year is open!  There remains plenty of room for your child(ren)  for the 2018-19 Religious Education year!  Let the parish help you pass on your Catholic Faith to your child(ren)!  Contact Dennis Vlasak, DRE, at 262-673-4831 ext. 406 or for answers to your questions.








Registration information can be found below.


The items needed to register are:

Religious Ed registration, at the request of parents, has been moved from August to May.  In addition, we have a new on-line registration process with our new softwware program.  RE fees for one child will be $125.00, two children will be $250.00, and three or more will be $375.00. 

Registrations will not be considered complete without receipt of payment or arrangements made for payment.  No child is denied Religious Education due to financial reasons.  Please contact Maria Tejada in the Business Office at 262-673-4831 ext.404, or for payment options.


INSTRUCTIONS TO START THE PROCESS - To start the process with our new software program, please use the link above, or go to: will be taken to a family registration page, where you will put in your family name, address, email, and phone, or cell number.  **Please note, the family is usually listed under the father's first name!**  In several days you will be emailed a link to our new software's member portal and your family information.  Once you receive and click on that link, you will then, either 1) double check the accuracy of the information and make any corrections, or, 2) enter the information for each family member.  The grade of the child is listed under the "Committee" tab of the individual child.  The "Committee" for each child will be "Religious Education Students."  The grade is under the "Committee Position" tab.  This year's initial registration is a 2 step process.  Next year registration will be going into the member portal to double check information and then to register.

Payment may be made online at:, or a check may be mailed to the Parish Office: Attention RE.  If you have Scrip credit, please email the DRE and we will check with Scrip for the credit amount that you have.


You may also use the online payment option.  When using the online payment option, please make sure to go to the very bottom of that page and click the Submit Payment button.  This is a very common issue.  Your payment is not made until you click on the Submit button!

You are NOT required to use the online payment option if you use the online registration form!  It is an added convenience that the parish has made available to you!  As always, you may mail in a check and/or use $CRIP credit.


Contact Dennis Vlasak, DRE, at 262-673-4831 ext. 406 or if you have questions.



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