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First Eucharist Family Gift Bearer Sign-up


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Inform an usher that you are present to bring up the gifts for Mass.

It may be easiest for you to sit in the aisle near the gift table.

After the petitions are read, the ushers do the collection to bring some of the people's gifts up to the altar. After the collection, the priest will stand up and move to the aisle along with the servers. You would then get up and go to the gift table.

Please have the First Communicant carry one of the gifts!  Pick up the pitcher (1) and the bowl (1). There should be at least two family members, including the First Communicant, to bring up the gifts. Other family members may walk along.

Walk slowly down the main aisle towards the priest.

Hand the gifts to the priest, or the server if the priest indicates that is what you should do.

Bow together towards the altar after the gifts are handed over and prior to returning to your seats.

Turn around and go back to your seats.


***If you have any questions, call Dennis Vlasak in the RE Office at 673-4831 ext. 406***