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Sunday Evening Program Grades 8-Confirmation

  • November 29th, The First Sunday of Advent


    RE Sessions resume November 1, 2020!

    RE will meet on the first and third Sundays of the month.


This page will feature information about the 8th grade through Confirmation program held on Sunday evenings.  Look to the right side column where you will notice grade levels and Service Learning Experience Projects listed.  Click on the grade level for your student(s) or the Service Project tab to find information.


Let Yourself to Wrestle With God - Fr. Mike Schmitz - Have you ever felt like God really wanted you to do something, but you just weren’t ready for it? Maybe it’s a big life change, a relationship, or a vocation, but there’s something holding you back from saying yes to God’s call.

People may be inclined to think that this is a bad thing, and might put themselves down, saying they aren’t open to God’s will in their lives.  But what if this back-and-forth with God is the one thing we need to really say yes?

When we wrestle with God, we’re not only engaging in relationship with him, but we’re being truly honest with him. He desires conversation with us, and it’s in wrestling with what God wants for our lives that we conform our hearts to his.

We may think we know God’s vocation for us, or his plan for our life, and that may scare us.  But the truth is, we will never really be sure what God wants us to do until he really shows us. We can project sometimes.  Right now, all he wants us to do is be his: to dedicate ourselves and our lives to him and his works, and to live every day as an opportunity to reach holiness.

Don’t pick a fight with God, thinking we know what he may want us to do someday.  But don’t be afraid to wrestle with him today, because it can give us the strength and understanding needed to do his will.


Aren't All Churches The Same? - Fr. Mike Schmitz


Sessions resume on November 1, 2020!


There is plenty of room for your child(ren) if they are not yet registered for Religious Education!  Let the parish help you pass on your Catholic Faith to your child(ren)!  Registration information can be found on the Religious Education webpage:  Contact Dennis Vlasak at 262-673-4831 ext. 406 or if you have questions. 


All families in the RE Program are required to be Greeters at a Mass four (4) times throughout the RE Year (September – August).  Sign-up by clicking here or the link on the right side of this page.


St. Kilian Parish Religious Education Program can only successfully proceed with the help of many, many volunteers.  Please pray and search your heart for people to come forward to fill our vacancies.  The parish currently is looking for the following:

Catechists in Grades: 6, 7, 8, 9

Office Aides & Hall Monitors

Substitute Catechists


How to Get Kids Excited about the Mass - Ascension Press



Students in the Sunday Evening sessions should enter at the Center Stairwell (near the Cafeteria) or the Main Entrance on High Street.



Our Confirmation celebration date as set and announced by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 2:00 pm.  The celebration will be held at St. Kilian Church.  Confirmation candidates from St. John, Rubicon and St. Kilian, Hartford, as collaborating parishes, will celebrate the Sacrament together.  The presider for this celebration will be Bishop Jeffrey Haines, Auxiliary Bishop.

Confirmation rehearsal date was to be Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at 7:00 pm.  Please be in your spot ready to go at 7:00 pm. so we may begin promptly!

Bishop Jeffrey Haines


We look forward to another faith-filled year of Religious Formation!


Helpful Videos


50 Reasons I Love Being Catholic  Jesus Calling - Walk By Faith Video


Service Learning Experience – Grades 8-11

As part of the service component of their formation, students in Grades 8-11 are asked to determine an area (or more) of service that they will complete during the Religious Education year.

There are projects that will benefit the parish directly.  There are also very specific experiences chosen to get the student out of their comfort zone and see what real poverty looks like. 

All of these opportunities are meant to lead our youth to ongoing service within the parish and larger community.  It is not about the amount of hours that are put in, but the experience that those hours provide.  In many cases, it moves students out of their “comfort zone” and introduces them to a world much different than their own. 

No matter what they choose, it is meant to remind them that as Christians we are called to love others as Christ loves us and that every time we serve the needs of others, we are serving Christ himself.

An email will be sent at the beginning of the Religious Education year with a list of available service experiences, asking parents to take time to look the list over as a family, talk about each option, and prayerfully reflect on which project your student will choose.

As part of this component, the students will also be asked to reflect on their service.  They will be required to submit a form directing their reflection of their service experience(s).  These completed forms will be submitted to their catechists.  After the catechist has read and commented on them, the catechists will submit the completed forms to the Youth Minister for evaluation and recording.



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