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Sunday Evening Program Grades 8-Confirmation

  • October 24th, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


    RE/CF Sessions resumed September 12, 2021!


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    This page will feature information about the 8th grade through Confirmation program held on Sunday evenings.  Look to the right side column where you will notice grade levels and Service Learning Experience Projects listed.  Click on the grade level for your student(s) or the Service Project tab to find information.


    Christian Formation, and our sessions, should feel more like going to Church than going to school.  (We are working on changing to that model!  It is a work in progress.)

    Liturgy is our primary theology, our primary learning tool about Catholicism.  Liturgy is the first place/time that we encounter Christ.  Liturgy forms us!!


    Thanks for a good year!!  A crazy year, but a good year!!


    Trust the past to God’s mercy,

    the present to God’s love,

    and the future to God’s providence.

                                    ~ St. Augustine

    CF Sessions for the 2021-2022 year will return to usual and will be held

    weekly on Sundays with the last Sunday of the month off.


There is plenty of room for your child(ren) if they are not yet registered for Christian Formation!  Let the parish help you pass on your Catholic Faith to your child(ren)!  Registration information can be found on the Christian Formation webpage:  Contact Dennis Vlasak at 262-673-4831 ext. 7406 or if you have questions. 


St. Kilian Parish Christian Formation Program can only successfully proceed with the help of many, many volunteers.  Please pray and search your heart for people to come forward to fill our vacancies.  The parish is currently looking for the following:

Substitute Catechists

Office Aides & Hall Monitors


How to Get Kids Excited about the Mass — Ascension Press


Students in the Sunday Evening sessions should enter at the Center Stairwell (near the Cafeteria) or the Main Entrance on High Street.



Our Confirmation celebration date as set and announced by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 2:00 pm.  The celebration will be held at St. Kilian Church.  Confirmation candidates from St. John, Rubicon and St. Kilian, Hartford, as collaborating parishes, will celebrate the Sacrament together.  The presider for this celebration will be Archbishop Jerome Listecki.

Confirmation rehearsal date is to be on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 7:00 pm.  Please be in your spot ready to go at 7:00 pm. so we may begin promptly!

Archbishop Jerome Listecki


We look forward to another faith-filled year of Christian Formation!



Why Teens are Wired for Risk — Elizabeth Landau — CNN


Formation of Conscience — Catholic Central — The conscience goes beyond your gut, instinct, or little voice inside you. But how should we use it? How do we go about forming it?  Kai and Libby fill you in on how to form the conscience and eventually make better decisions because of it.


If You Think This Year Was Supposed to Be Different - Fr. Mike Schmitz

We might have had different plans for this year, but were they really supposed to happen?

We all wonder whether we’re actually following God’s will for us, but the reality is that, unless we are directly going against the Lord in some way, we are doing his will by just living our life. Wherever this year has taken us, whatever it has us doing, is exactly where God wants us to be. This is one of the joys of being a faithful Christian: as long as we are following the laws of the Lord, we can never be outside his will.

This is true even today, as everything we thought we knew about this year was turned on its head. We may have had radically different plans and expectations for where we’d be now, or what we’d be doing, but it wasn’t the will of God. God has us exactly where he wants us, and as long as we remain faithful to him, we’ll follow the path that he’s paved for our lives.

So, what if we’re not following the Lord? This is what the call of repentance is all about: if we’re not following the Lord, then we get to change the course of our lives and turn toward him through confession and penance. And you know when a perfect time for this is? Christmas!

Because of Christmas, our lives don’t have to be a lost cause or a dead end. Because God gave his only begotten son to us, we can turn our lives around and aim them at the light of Christ. It’s through the incarnation that eternal life with God became a possibility and that repentance was born. Because Christ came to earth, we can use our lives to follow the will of God, even after steering off course. We now have a future, through the power of our Father’s love.


“Is This a Sin?” - Fr. Mike Schmitz - Ascension Presents - If you begin to sin but don’t follow all the way through… is it still a sin? It depends.

We’re offered two different scenarios. In one, the person is prevented from sinning due to external factors that make it impractical or impossible to commit the sin they had planned on. In the second scenario, we see someone preparing to sin, but then freely and rationally choosing not to. The first scenario is a sin, but the second is a virtuous act. Why?

Because the second person freely decided not to commit sin, they morally aligned themselves toward the good when they had previously been aimed towards sin. They redirected their will toward God when they could have continued to go against him. In a simpler sense, they were headed down a bad path, but then turned around before making it to their destination.

That being said, while the second person did realign themselves toward virtue, the extent to which they consented to this sin ahead of time may be worth a confession. Even though the person chose virtue in the end, their soul was still burdened with those thoughts, and in confession, those burdens are lifted through forgiveness.

The beautiful part about our faith is that we have a Savior who is always ready and willing to forgive us. Surrendering our hearts to him creates a living relationship with God, where we trust his knowledge of our hearts, and run to him whenever we are in need of saving.

Fr. Mike just teamed up with Fr. Josh Johnson to author the Pocket Guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (! Sign up and be the first to pre-order it.


Let Yourself to Wrestle With God - Fr. Mike Schmitz - Have you ever felt like God really wanted you to do something, but you just weren’t ready for it? Maybe it’s a big life change, a relationship, or a vocation, but there’s something holding you back from saying yes to God’s call.

People may be inclined to think that this is a bad thing, and might put themselves down, saying they aren’t open to God’s will in their lives.  But what if this back-and-forth with God is the one thing we need to really say yes?

When we wrestle with God, we’re not only engaging in relationship with him, but we’re being truly honest with him. He desires conversation with us, and it’s in wrestling with what God wants for our lives that we conform our hearts to his.

We may think we know God’s vocation for us, or his plan for our life, and that may scare us.  But the truth is, we will never really be sure what God wants us to do until he really shows us. We can project sometimes.  Right now, all he wants us to do is be his: to dedicate ourselves and our lives to him and his works, and to live every day as an opportunity to reach holiness.

Don’t pick a fight with God, thinking we know what he may want us to do someday.  But don’t be afraid to wrestle with him today, because it can give us the strength and understanding needed to do his will.


Is Courtesy Required for Catholics? - Ascension Presents - Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike explains why courtesy is not just a set of proprietary gestures meant for upper echelon or archaic societies. Ultimately, it's about respect for the dignity of others, and showing courtesy matters because it tells other people that you are willing to take the time to think of them. In a sense, showing courtesy is the Christian thing to do.


Aren't All Churches The Same? - Fr. Mike Schmitz



Additional Helpful Videos


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Service Learning Experience – Grades 8-11

As part of the service component of their formation, students in Grades 8-11 are asked to determine an area (or more) of service that they will complete during the Religious Education year.

There are projects that will benefit the parish directly.  There are also very specific experiences chosen to get the student out of their comfort zone and see what real poverty looks like. 

All of these opportunities are meant to lead our youth to ongoing service within the parish and larger community.  It is not about the amount of hours that are put in, but the experience that those hours provide.  In many cases, it moves students out of their “comfort zone” and introduces them to a world much different than their own. 

No matter what they choose, it is meant to remind them that as Christians we are called to love others as Christ loves us and that every time we serve the needs of others, we are serving Christ himself.

An email will be sent at the beginning of the Religious Education year with a list of available service experiences, asking parents to take time to look the list over as a family, talk about each option, and prayerfully reflect on which project your student will choose.

As part of this component, the students will also be asked to reflect on their service.  They will be required to submit a form directing their reflection of their service experience(s).  These completed forms will be submitted to their catechists.  After the catechist has read and commented on them, the catechists will submit the completed forms to the Youth Minister for evaluation and recording.



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