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In November 2018 the Catholic Bishops of the United States released a Pastoral Letter against Racism called, Open Wide Our Hearts.  The letter is a powerful invitation for all the people of God to “face courageously the vice of racism, . . . reach out generously to the victims of this evil, to assist the conversion needed in those who still harbor racism, and to begin to change policies and structures that allow racism to persist.”  At, you can read the entire letter, get new resources and find ideas for how we can respond.






Anti-Racism Resources - A series of resources compiled by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Committee on Anti-Racism.

Know Justice, Know Peace: A Jesuit Antiracism Retreat - The Jesuit Post. The Jesuit Post presents “Know Justice, Know Peace: A Jesuit Antiracism Retreat.” In this trailer, Ángel Flores Fontánez introduces you to this four-week retreat which seeks to assist Christians in their growth as antiracist followers of Jesus. It will consist of twelve short talks published in the form of videos and podcasts, and they will be published three times a week for a month.

Catholic 101: Church Teaching and the Anti-Racism Movement - The Jesuit Post

Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Wisconsin on Unjust Killings and Recent Protests - Wisconsin Catholic Conference - June 2, 2020

Open Wide Your Hearts - the enduring call to love - a pastoral letter against racism - USCCB

Open Wide Your Hearts study guide - USCCB

Open Wide Your Hearts Summary - Summary of the USCCB 2018 Pastoral Letter Against Racism

What is Systemic Racism? - USCCB

Racism and Housing - USCCB

Practical Steps for Eradicating Racism: An Invitation - USCCB

Responding to Racism: Resources from our Research Advisory Board - Springtide Research Institute - a list of resources for educators, leaders in ministry, and parents. This is a “best of” list of resources to help inform our efforts.

Resources for Responding to Racism - St. Mary's Press - These resources are pulled from various sources to provide activities, readings, and ways to discuss and learn about racism with students.

Live It! Living Justice - St. Mary's Press - a free lesson for you from their Live It program, called “Living Justice.” In it, young people are invited to consider their own call to service and justice. This lesson can be done in person or in a group or video call.  Generally for Middle or High School age.

What church leaders can learn from St. Paul about race and diversity - To heal the wounds of racism in our nation, the church must practice what it preaches. - U.S. Catholic

Racism - What Does The Church Have to Say? - Diocese of Lansing

How Catholics can work for racial justice - It’s time for white Catholics to stop being defensive and have hard conversations about faith and race. - U.S. Catholic

Combatting Racism - Educational Resources for Kindergarten through Adult - USCCB

This Juneteenth, make racial reconciliation a priority - American Catholics must ask God to convert our hearts. It's time to heal. - U.S. Catholic

A list of some reading on Racism for Catholics

Solidarity is a free course that introduces students’ hearts and minds to the Catholic social teaching theme of solidarity. With engaging polls, contemporary storytelling, interactive decision-making activities, and compelling discussion prompts, Solidarity is a great way to inspire your students to respond to our Pope’s challenge to follow Jesus by creating a culture of encounter in our one human family.


He Looks To Us - St. Mary's Press - A discussion on the injustices Jesus might see in our community and society today.  This video comes from "Called to Mercy," a flexible Catholic Confirmation program by Saint Mary's Press that inspires and invites young people to be daily witnesses to God's love and mercy in the world around them.




U.S. unrest: Pope condemns 'sin of racism' - Catholic News Service


Racism & the Disregard for Human Life -| Bishop Fabre - USCCB


Bishop Shelton Fabre on the Death of George Floyd - USCCB


Don't Look Away. Embrace the Pain and Discomfort. - Breaking in the Habit - Sometimes the news is just too grim.  We want to look away.  Want to hide from it and wait for things to get back to normal.  Fight that urge.  Disciples of Christ don't hide from the suffering of others, they embrace it, take it on themselves, and seek to remove it.


Fr. Mike: No Room for Racism in the Human Species


What you can do about racial injustice - Life Teen


Faith and Better Race Relations - Catholic News Service


I'm a bit racist. And so are you. - Breaking in the Habit - We all know that racism is a sin.  It spreads hate and divides the human family.  What we don't always realize is that we are all a part of the problem.  Racism isn't a binary condition in which you either "are" or "are not" racist.  We all have biases and blind spots within us, disposing us to thoughts and actions not conducive to solidarity.  The sooner we admit to this, the sooner we can start building the just Kingdom of God.


Mary Alice Chineworth: Racial History in the Catholic Church


The Church's Response to Racism and Violence - A special reflection from Bishop Barres, Bishop Brennan, and Msgr. Vlaun


Fr. Bryan Massingale: How the church can combat racism and white privilege


10 Best Ways For Catholic Couples To Combat Racism - That Catholic Couple