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Enlightened by Faith, Enriched by Education

Our Amazing Catechists

Religious Education Catechists are needed.  Is God Calling You?

  • Every year our Religious Education program relies on about 30 volunteers from the parish to pass on the faith to our children as Religious Education Catechists. No prior experience is needed. Perhaps you don’t feel that your faith is strong enough, or deep enough. That’s okay. Time and again, new catechists marvel at how teaching has strengthened their own faith.
  • Perhaps you are intimidated about what to say or how to teach to a group of kids you don’t know at all. Not to worry. We will orient you, and you will have a wonderful, user friendly textbook and lesson plans to use. There are experienced catechists willing to mentor you and help you be successful!
  • Many new catechists sign up to teach with a friend; two sets of hands are always better than one. Also, when one of you can’t make it to class, there is always the other who can be there.
  • What should you expect if you sign up?  All new catechists attend orientation sessions held just before classes begin in the fall. You will receive a teacher’s guide of the textbook for the grade that you signed up for with helpful hints on what to say and what to do!  Some catechists will plan their classes together. This is especially true of the Sunday Evening program.

Parents who sign up to volunteer as Religious Education Catechists receive a significant tuition discount as well.  Offer your example and your time to learn about Christ with the children!  Please answer God’s call!

Please contact Dennis Vlasak, DRE (Director of Religious Education), at 262-673-4831 ext. 406 or email

St. Kilian Parish Religious Education Program can only successfully proceed with the help of many, many volunteers.  Please pray and search your heart for people to come forward to fill our vacancies.  The parish currently is looking for the following catechists:

Grade 6 Catechist

Grade 11 Confirmation Catechist

Substitute Catechists


The program also needs numerous volunteers to be hall monitors, parking lot monitors, door monitors, substitute catechists, youth group leaders and helpers, helping with snacks, attendance callers, helping with retreats and days of reflection, amongst others.


Jesus invites us.  He calls to us, “Come follow me.”  It is easy to say, “I love God.”  It is easy to say, “I am a Christian.”  But Jesus challenges us to prove it!  We have been blessed here at St. Kilian’s with a large number of faithful followers of Jesus who serve in a wide variety of ministries.  One such group is our faithful and faith filled catechists and other program volunteers.  Each year our volunteer catechists provide over 600 hours of classroom instruction time, in addition to the amount of time spent preparing to work with the children and youth of our parish.  These volunteer catechists assist and support our parish parents in their obligation to form their children in the faith and practice of the Catholic Christian life.  The goal of each catechist is to aid in the growth and development of the children’s faith so that it can become a real guiding force in their lives.  They are supported by many program volunteers who complete such tasks as being door greeters, door monitors, hall monitors, attendance callers, and office assistants.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our catechists and other program volunteers in both the Sunday Morning and Evening Religious Education programs.  This is a program that relies on volunteers to make the program run, and run smoothly.  We say a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

If you would like to answer Jesus’ call to “Come follow me” by being a catechist, please call or email Dennis Vlasak, DRE, at (262) 673-4831 ext. 406 or  Dennis would be happy to discuss the opportunities with you.


          Our Amazing 2019-2020 Catechists

(find Catechist contact info on the Religious Education Information Page, then look for Parent Handbook)

            4K –                      Debbie Peters                                       

            5K –                      Lisa Sweeney

            Grade 1 –             Patty Fulop                                          

            Grade 1 –             Joelle Przyszkowski-Brandt                         

            Grade 2 –             Cheryl Wilman                          

            Grade 3 –             Melinda Baker                                                    

            Grade 3 –             Amy Gonnering                                  

            Grade 4 –             Terri Burns                                               

            Grade 4 –             Mary Pat Peters

            Grade 5 –             Kathleen Erickson                            

            Grade 5 –             Monica Braun

            Grade 5 –             Kathleen Erickson                                 

            Grade 6 –             Angela Hanson     

            Grade 7 –             Jenifer Kirsch    

            Grade 8 -              Connie Kurth & Lori Pawlak                                                                            

            Grade 9 –             Russ Krebs        

            Grade 10 –           Diann Koski & Joan Schnorenberg

            Grade 10 -            Ane & Bill Ohm  

            Grade 10 -            Chrissy Vega                                                                      

            Grade 11 -            George Hansen   

            Grade 11 –           Annemarie & Tim Michalak                                     

            Grade 11 –           Ron Weber