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Resources for Parents - Making Faith Alive in Our Home

This page is for the use of our parents and families.  Here you will find information useful in helping you make Faith come alive in your home for your child(ren).  This is information for use in your daily family life as well as with their RE sessions; both their weekly lessons and their Sacramental Preparation.  Our hope is that these items will help you be the first, and the best, teachers of your child in the ways of the Faith, and allow you to be one of the Catholic Christian role models Christian that your child(ren) look to.

Religious Education, and our sessions, should feel more like going to Church than going to school.

Liturgy is our primary theology, our primary learning tool about Catholicism.  Liturgy is the first place/time that we encounter Christ.  Liturgy forms us!!


The Importance of Going to Mass — St. Coleman Parish, Pompano Beach, FL 

How to Get Kids Excited about the Mass — Ascension Press   

Kids at Mass (yes you can!) —

Why young children belong at Mass — Catholic News Agency

How To Take Young Children to Mass — Josh and Stacey Noem

9 tips for a successful family prayer time — — Jerry Windley-Daoust

What's Catholic? — Catholic Central — What does it mean to be Catholic?  Is it following a set of rules?  Practicing cultural traditions?  Or something more?  Kai and Libby serve up an overview of some of the things that Catholicism entails, both in church and in daily life.  From Family Theater Productions in Hollywood.

Catholic Parenting 101 - Tips for Building Strong Catholic Families — RCL Benziger

5 ways to pray: A balanced Catholic prayer diet -

Why Teens are Wired for Risk — Elizabeth Landau — CNN

Purpose and Meaning of Life - Catholic Central - Is there a secret to life's meaning and purpose?  Do you ever feel paralyzed when you look at all your options?  How can we avoid messing everything up?  In "Catholic Central: Purpose and Meaning of Life", Kai and Libby attempt to answer these questions and more.  Find out the 5 steps Catholic thinkers recommend for a life of meaning, joy, and love.


For additional information on the Liturgical Seasons click the season - Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas Season, Lent. Easter Season
Information on The Trinity.                                                Information on the Catholic Mass.
Information on Jesus.                                                  Information on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Information on The Holy Spirit.                                          Information on the Saints.
Information on the Popes.                                                 Information on Holy Days of Obligation.
Resources on Mary.                                             Information on Catholic Social Teaching and Social Justice
Information on Racism.                                                     Information on Morality.
Information on The Bible.                                                  Information on the Rosary.
Resources on Mental Health.                                            Information on Parenting Children and Family Life.
Information on Catholics and Science.                            Information on Finding Truth in Halloween.

Information and Family Resources for Advent                 Information on the Christ the King                                                                                          Video on Immaculate Conception Explained by Fr. Mike Schmitz      Liturgical Year Family Activities — Loyola Press       

Information on The Spiritual Works of Mercy                    Information on The Corporal Works of Mercy     

9 Tips for a Successful Family Prayer Time                14 ways to do Bedtime Prayer With Your Kids

The Paschal Candle — one of the most sacred and enduring elements in Christianity.                                                                       

Keeping the Triduum at home       Dryness in Prayer - Fr. Josh - Ascension Presents

Celebrating the Ascension                                     Celebrating Grandparents Day

Fish On Fridays with Al McCauley - Videos on Catholic theology, Saints, history, and traditions

Do All Good People go to Heaven? — Fr. Mike Schmitz — Ascension Presents — Good people go to heaven when they die, right?  Well, according to the Gospels, not exactly. Fr. Mike Schmitz points to at least four things Christ says we need for salvation: 1. Baptism (John 3) 2. The Eucharist (John 6) 3. Faith (Romans 10:9) 4. Doing the Father’s will (Matthew 25:31-46) None of them are “be a good person”; and it’s probably better that way because, especially today, everyone has a different idea of what is good.  Christ has given us everything we need to achieve salvation.  He wants us all to be at his wedding feast, including you; but unless you do what is necessary to get to the wedding, you won’t be there.


You're Dead. Now What? - ODB Films - Heaven. Hell. Purgatory. Particular Judgment. Final Judgment. What happens when we die?


Life After Life: The Catholic View of Heaven and Hell - Catholic Central - What happens to us after we die? Where do we go? More importantly, why? In "Catholic Central: Life After Life", Kai and Libby explain the great beyond: Heaven, Purgatory and...uh, the other place.


Videos on Various Catholic topics — Catholic Central — EnterForming* Insights on All Things Catholic (* Entertaining and Informative) “Catholic Central” offers entertaining and authoritative answers to your questions about Catholic thought, spirituality and practice. To do that, we’ve assembled a team of witty writers, appealing hosts and learned theologians to produce a collection of videos that entertain, enlighten and inspire. Catholic Central is a project of Family Theater Productions based on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

Baby Olivia Project - Baby Olivia was created by Live Action and reviewed by accredited OBGYNs to show audiences the spectacular life of a baby growing within the womb.  With scientific accuracy, this video depicts the moment life begins and beyond to show the humanity of the preborn throughout each stage of human development.  From a single-celled human to a baby with a beating heart, brainwaves, fingers, and toes, Olivia shows the remarkable beauty of a unique life within the womb.  The Baby Olivia project provides a medically accurate, animated glimpse of human life from the moment of fertilization.  The story details her growth as she progresses from one developmental stage to the next, in preparation for her continued life outside of the womb.

Prayers for Families.  Enjoy these free downloadable and printable resources. — RCL Benziger


Spirituality and Mental Health - Catholic Central - Can you "pray away" mental illness?  Is there hope for people who commit suicide?  Kai and Libby discuss the Catholic Church's teaching on mental illness, and what you can do if you find that you and others are struggling with it.


ABC’s of the Catholic Faith Coloring Pages —

Ascension Day - The Solemnity of the Ascension History, Information, Prayers, Resources, Traditions, & More — Prayerist

Video What is the Ascension?! Solemnity of the Ascension cycle A — Catholic Kids Media

At Home with the Easter Season — Catechist Magazine — Ideas and activities for celebrating the Easter Season at home and in the classroom

Video on The Epiphany

Video on All Saints Day — SUMMIT by Lifeteen                       

Video on The Feast of Christ the King — SUMMIT by Lifeteen

Video What is Pentecost? Cycle A — Catholic Kids Media

Video Pentecost Sunday (Cycle B) — Catholic Kids Media

7 Ways to Say Thanks to God — from an article by Bill Dodds in OSV Newsweekly

A Thanksgiving Prayer in Time of Pandemic — Diana Macalintal, published by Give Us This Day.

Catholic Priests React to "The Chosen" — Upon Friar Review — A video — "The Chosen" is a new hit show on YouTube about the life of Jesus and his disciples. There have been many such productions made throughout history, so how does this one stack up?

The Chosen — This is a very well-done series about the life of Jesus Christ and those around Him.  THIS IS MADE BY NON-CATHOLICS AND TAKES A FEW LIBERTIES WITH THE STORY!  Come and see what they saw.  This is the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ.  This is the free show that tens of millions won't stop talking about.  A Charismatic fisherman drowning in debt.  A troubled woman wrestling with real demons.  A gifted publican ostracized by his family and his people.  A religious leader struggling with his beliefs.  See Jesus through the eyes of those who met Him.


Going to Confession for the First Time in a Long Time — Ascension Presents


Formation of Conscience — Catholic Central — The conscience goes beyond your gut, instinct, or little voice inside you. But how should we use it? How do we go about forming it?  Kai and Libby fill you in on how to form the conscience and eventually make better decisions because of it.


Passing the Faith On to Your Kids — Ascension Presents — Jackie and Bobby Angel - Jackie and Bobby talk about how to bring your children to Mass, especially those under the age of reason.  As Bobby says, "More is taught than caught."

As parents of four kids all under the age of 7, Jackie and Bobby have some experience introducing their kids to Mass.  The reason kids get bored or fidgety during Mass is the same reason any adult gets bored: they don’t understand what’s going on.  Anytime you’re in a situation where you don’t understand what’s happening (sporting events, ceremonies, lectures, etc.) you’re naturally going to become bored and anxious for it to be over.  This is what kids under the age of reason experience almost constantly.

For kids who can read, this is slightly easier because there are several resources available that help explain the Mass to children, including the Interactive Mass Book from Ascension Kids (  But if your little one isn’t of reading age, there are other tactics.  Try explaining little parts to them like a story.  Most kids learn the words of their favorite princess or superhero as soon as they start speaking, so use that level of storytelling to your advantage.

Another really important aspect of bringing your children to the faith is leading by example.  Little kids love to imitate their parents, so when you’re at Mass, act with reverence.  They’ll see you sitting, listening, and praying and begin to model your behaviors.

Overall, remember that your children’s minds are still growing, and it’s okay if they don’t understand what’s going on or are a little rambunctious during mass.  God is working in their lives through you, and as long as you are intentionally bringing them the faith, the Lord will be able to work within their hearts as they grow in understanding.


Aren't All Churches The Same? — Fr. Mike Schmitz


What Constitutes a Practicing Catholic? — Fr. Mike Schmitz — Ascension Presents


Have You Mastered the Basics of Your Faith? — Ascension Presents — Fr. Mike makes the case that, before you claim a certain “style” in practicing the faith, you have to master the basics.  If you’re told to do something and don’t, is it because you can’t do it, or because you won’t?  When practicing the Faith, you may say you’re not into prayer, or service, or witnessing about Jesus, but all these things are essential to growing in holiness.


4 Essentials for Every Catholic - Fr. Mike Schmitz - Ascension Presents - In a previous episode (, Fr. Mike said that all Catholics grow in the same “soil” together, but the fruit we bear is unique. But what is this common soil?  What are the essentials for every Catholic Christian?  During the Easter Season, we read from the Acts of the Apostles.  In Acts 2:42, we are told what the soil is made of: “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”  So there are four elements in the soil: 1. Teachings of the Apostles: Magisterial teaching of the Church, Sacred Scripture, and Tradition. 2. Communal Life (Fellowship): It’s not just me praying to Jesus. We need to share life somehow. 3. Breaking of the Bread: This refers to the Mass, not just eating together. 4. Prayer: There are so many ways to pray as a Catholic, and so many awesome prayers. You can pray the Liturgy of the Hours with the Church, or in your own words, or both. But to be in the soil you have to pray. For a great Liturgy of the Hours app, check out iBreviary ( God wants us to flourish in faith, hope, and love for him and for others. He is the one who makes us grow in holiness, but in order to flourish we have to be nourished by the soil he gave us.

How to get kids excited about the Mass — Ascension Press

Information on Parents and Families — Catechist Magazine — Pulling together the best in Catholic movies, children’s programming, audio dramas and books, FORMED provides a trusted and engaging entertainment alternative in support of a Catholic lifestyle.  The Bible studies, sacramental prep materials, documentaries, books and audio talks from leading Catholic experts will help you grow in understanding your faith.  Encountering and sharing the FORMED content has never been easier, engage via your mobile, tablet, or connected TV device.  The St. Kilian Catholic Knights have purchased a subscription to FORMED for all parishioners of St. Kilian and St. John!

Joe's Pop-Up Catechesis — Joe Paprocki, Master Catechist and Author — Joe presents short videos on a variety of subjects.  This is a relatively new series, borne out of the COVID-19 crisis, of one-minute videos with bite-size suggestions for how to make faith alive in the home. These will appear on Catechist’s Journey every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the foreseeable future.  A partial list of videos are on: Meal time Prayers, May Crowning, Reading the Bible, The Liturgical Calendar, Saints, etc.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) - tools for building a domestic church — You will find some suggestions on how to build your “domestic church” through a life of prayer that can help all the members of your family.

BUILDING THE DOMESTIC CHURCH: What is the Domestic Church? — Knights of Columbus — The phrase “domestic church” has been used to describe families since the beginning of Christianity. In his Letter to Families, Pope St. John Paul II explained, “The Fathers of the Church, in the Christian tradition, have spoken of the family as a ‘domestic church,’ a ‘little church.’”  The domestic church is believing that how you live your faith in your families has a ripple effect that changes the world.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Issues & Actions page — In this section you will find information and resources to learn more about the Church, what the Church teaches, and how to grow in your faith.

Catholic Family Faith — The Strong Catholic Family Faith website has been created to assist parish and school leaders in finding the best and most relevant content and experiences for developing faith-filled Catholic families. — Catholic Gospel Coloring Pages and Worksheets for Sunday Mass. — Resources to help teachers & parents educate their kids about the Catholic faith.  Free weekly Mass bulletins for kids, along with ideas and resources to teach kids, Some items are free, some have a nominal fee.

FREE Weekly Mass Activities from  Sign up for a Catholic resource — Holy Heroes Sunday Mass Prep. If you're like most of us right now, going to Mass is not an option. With our Mass Prep, you can bring a bit of Mass home to your kids with a weekly Gospel video, coloring page and quiz. Sign up for FREE, and we'll send you a reminder email each week to access the new activities. GOOD FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN!

Bible Lessons and Sermons4Kids — With Sermons4Kids, you get tons of free children’s sermons with object lessons, children’s activities, Bible coloring pages, games, and crafts. Use these fun children’s sermons for kids in children’s church, Sunday school, children’s ministry, and family ministry! Available in English and Spanish! — Stories, podcasts, prayers, resources for Catholic parents and working with children.

List of Family Resources of various kinds — RCL Benziger, our book publisher

List of Christmas Resources — RCL Benziger, our book publisher

Loyola Press E-Newsletters (Finding God) — Finding God presents the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church through active-learning techniques that allow children to participate, learn, and grow in faith and discipleship

St. Kilian Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Ideas for starting discussions with your child(ren) —

Helping Children Develop Their Gifts — Loyola Press

Questions parents can ask their child along with Faith Tips — Loyola Press

Family Resources for the Liturgical Year

Why Do Catholics Do That?

The Seven Catholic Sacraments

Catholic — Are you a Mom looking for fun ways to share your faith?  Wondering "how do I keep my kids engaged at Mass?"

Catholic Icing — Family religion-based craft ideas, prayers, and beautiful photos and paintings.

Holy Heros — One of many resources for Catholic books.

A list of several available resources area DREs have put together.

Floor Plan of School Rooms




The books that are used in our classes also have websites with an amazing amount of information available to you!


Grades 4K through 8 use the Blest Are We: Faith In Action Edition from RCL Benziger.  Benziger has a number of sites that provide additional and useful information.

Blest Are We: Faith in Action texts have additional information for each grade level for students, parents, and catechists.

Reconciliation: Pardon and Peace has a number of resources that go along with the book.

  ~ There is an online family guide.  Click here for younger grades (Primary) in English, or here GUÍA FAMILIAR en línea.

  ~ There is also an online family guide for those in older grades (Intermediate).  Click here, unfortunately it is in English only.

  ~ There are also additional worksheets for the younger grades.  Click here.

  ~ Additional activities for families, click here.

  ~ Chapter-by-chapter guide for the younger grades (Primary), click here.

  ~ Chapter-by-chapter guide for the older grades (Intermediate), click here.

The 10 Commandments and The Beatitudes

Eucharist: We Give Thanks and Praise has a number of resources that go along with the book.

  ~ There is an online family guide.  Click here for younger grades (Primary) in English, or here GUÍA FAMILIAR en línea

  ~ There is also an online family guide for those in older grades (Intermediate).  Click here, unfortunately it is in English only.

  ~ There are also additional work sheets available for both the younger and older grades.  Click here.

Confirmation: Filled with the Holy Spirit, they proclaimed the Lord Jesus has a number of resources that go along with the book.

  ~ Faith-sharing ideas for Candidates and Sponsors.  Click here.

  ~ Activities and reflection for Confirmation: Filled with the Holy Spirit.  Click here.

  ~ Candidate/Sponsor Conversations.  Click here.