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2019-2020 Catechetical Sunday Theme
2019-2020 Catechetical Sunday Theme


July 19th, 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


If we have weather related, or other cancellations/issues, it will be posted on the Weather Updates page!


At your child’s Baptism you promised to raise your child in the ways of the faith.  You do this by taking them to Mass on Sunday, teaching them to pray, providing them with the opportunity for religious formation, and bringing them into the Sacramental Life of the Church.  St. Kilian parish provides Religious Education classes to assist you in your role as the first teacher in the ways of the faith.


Aren't All Churches the Same? - Fr. Mike Schmitz


Sessions for the 2020-2021 Religious Ed year plan to resume on September 13th!


There still is plenty of room for your child(ren) if they are not yet registered for Religious Education!  Let the parish help you pass on your Catholic Faith to your child(ren)!  Contact Dennis Vlasak at 262-673-4831 ext. 406 or if you have questions


St. Kilian Parish Religious Education Program can only successfully proceed with the help of many, many volunteers.  Please pray and search your heart for people to come forward to fill our vacancies.  The parish currently is looking for the following:

Catechists for Grades: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11

Office Aides & Hall Monitors

Substitute Catechists





IF YOU HAVE NEVER USED THE SOFTWARE BEFORE - To start the process with our software program, please use the link above, or go to:  You will be taken to a family registration page, where you will put in your family name, address, email, and phone, or cell number.  **Please note, the family is usually listed under the father's first name!**  In several days you will be emailed a link to our new software's member portal and your family information.  Once you receive and click on that link, you will then, either 1) double check the accuracy of the information and make any corrections, or, 2) enter the information for each family member.  The grade of the child is listed under the "Committee" tab of the individual child.  The "Committee" for each child will be "Religious Education Students."  The grade is placed under the "Committee Position" tab.


IF YOU USED THE GABRIELSOFT ON-LINE REGISTRATION IN THE PAST - you simply need to log-in to your Gabrielsoft account at to make sure your information is correct.  Because we had issues with the on-line registration form during beta testing, we will not use an on-line form this year.  Next year registration will include going into the member portal to double check information and then register with an on-line form.

PAYMENT may be made online at: a check may be mailed to the Parish Office: Attention RE.  If you have Scrip credit, please email the DRE and we will check with Scrip for the credit amount that you have.





RE Attendance Line - 262-673-4831 ext. 307

2020-2021 Religious Education Schedules

4K thru 7th Drop Off - Pick up for Religious Education Classes

8th-11th Drop Off - Pick Up for Religious Education Classes

Email Communication

Floor Plan of Rooms

Entering & Exiting the Building for Religious Education Classes

Religious Education Parent Handbook 2019-20



The Religious Education (RE) Program at St. Kilian supports parents in their obligation to form their children in the faith and practice of the Catholic Christian life. The goal of the Religious Education Program is to aid in the growth and development of the children’s faith so that it can become a real guiding force in their lives. To continue to provide educational and spiritual formation, while, identifying and fulfilling the needs of families and parishioners of all ages. And to build up the body of Christ, within and beyond our parish community, through evangelization and service.

The Church’s ministry seeks to guide young people in the call to holiness by developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by meeting Him in the Scriptures, in the life and teachings of the Catholic Church, and in their own prayer lives.

Director of Religious Education ~ Dennis Vlasak

Religious Education Office ~ 262-673-4831 ext. 406 or

Attendance Line/Religious Education Office during class times ~ 262-673-4831 ext. 307

Religious Education class cancelations will be announced on WTMJ (620 AM) Radio and TMJ4 TV.

  • Cancelations will be on the parish RE website.
  • Cancelations will be recorded on the telephone voice mail in the:
    • Attendance Line (ext. 307).
    • Religious Education Office at 262-673-4831 (ext. 406).
  • Depending on the reason for the cancelation, Catechists may call families.
  • For questionable weather, check the radio, TV, RE website, or voice mail as listed.


Love for Logan bracelets are available in the Parish Office.


A video of the Prayer Service for Logan Johnson on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.  From the St. Kilian Facebook page.



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