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October 24th, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


The Importance of Going to Mass — St. Coleman Parish, Pompano Beach, FL

Our Door is Open, Our Table is Set — There is a Place for You Here.  A Vibrant Faith Community Waits for You.  Join Our Family in Christ.  Together, Let’s Grow as Disciples!

Thank you for checking out what our Parish and School have to offer you and your loved ones.

Saint Kilian Parish in Hartford is a vibrant and active Catholic Faith community that has something for everyone.

Our Mission proclaims: “To pray, serve and love together in Christ.”

St. Kilian is a cooperating parish with St. John the Evangelist Parish just to the west of Hartford, in Rubicon, WI.  St. John is located at W1170 Rome Rd, Rubicon, WI 53078.  St. Kilian and St. John have a shared Priest, Fr. Britto Suresh, a shared secretary, Joni Volkert, and a shared office at 428 Forest St., Hartford, WI 53027.

Weekend Masses

Masses are live-streamed on the parish face book page on Sunday at 9:00am.  The St. Kilian Facebook page can be found at:

Click here for the latest information on Masses from Fr. Britto.

Click here for an informational article from our new Priest, Fr. Britto!


A Community of Generosity, a Family Rooted in Faith

Normal Weekend Masses at St. Kilian Congregation

Saturday - 4:30pm at St. Kilian, Hartford
Sunday - 9:00am at St. Kilian, Hartford

The 11:15am Sunday Mass was discontinued at the end of August, 2021.

Also serving St. John Congregation, Rubicon

Saturday - 6:30pm at St. John, Rubicon
Sunday - 7:30am at St. John, Rubicon

Normal Weekend Reconciliation Times at Both Parishes

Saturday - 3:45pm at St. Kilian, Hartford
Sunday - 6:00pm at St. John, Rubicon


Where do I start?

Join us at Mass. It’s one of the best ways to get a feel for the parish.  St. Kilian Parish is a thriving community centered around the Table of the Word and the Table of the Eucharist. Christ present at the Eucharist calls us to serve the world he loves so dearly.  The grace received at these two Tables strengthens us to serve generously.  Daily Masses are held Tuesday and Friday at 8:20 a.m.  Saturday Anticipatory Mass is at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday Masses are at 9 a.m.

Talk to us. Feel free to Contact Us by phone or email.  You may also drop in as well, during regular Parish Office Hours.  We are happy to answer questions about our parish, about our school, about the Mass, about the Catholic Church today, and about how we can serve you.

Register with us!  You can sign up anytime by visiting the Parish Office and picking up a New Member Packet.  If you’d like to fill out your forms ahead of time, click on the forms below for a printable copy.

Thinking of becoming Catholic?  Want to complete your Sacraments of Initiation?  Please feel free to talk to our Director of Religious Education (DRE), our Coordinator of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), or our Priest Administrator.  They will gladly talk with you and answer your questions.  You can reach the DRE at or 262-673-4831 ext. 7406.  You can reach the RCIA Coordinator at  You can reach the Priest Administrator at, or 262-673-4831 ext.7401.  Please visit our informational page about this process by clicking HERE.

New Parishioner Forms

Stewardship Time and Talent

Parish Ministry and Committee Guide

Where do I go?

St. Kilian Church

St. Kilian Parish Office Center

St. John Church, Rubicon

What’s available for my children?

Saint Kilian Parish offers a wide variety of activities for your children, as does St. John, Rubicon.

Visit our St. Kilian (SKS) Catholic School website to explore all the many wonderful things our school has to offer.

Visit the different areas of the Religious Education website to learn about Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation programs for your children.  There are also numerous areas to help you raise your children and youth in the Catholic Faith.

Contact the St. John DRE, Bill Thimm at 262-673-6788, or for opportunities at St. John.




A Loving Community Rooted in Christ

St. Kilian Parish is a thriving community centered around the Table of the Word and the Table of the Sacrament. Christ present at the Eucharist calls us to serve the world He loves so dearly.  The grace received at these two Tables strengthens us to serve generously.  Those wishing to register as members of the family are invited to call the parish office to schedule an appointment.

We cherish the opportunities we have to listen to the Word.  We reflect upon the upcoming Sunday's Gospel at committee and staff meetings, at choir rehearsals, in our day school and religious education, during adult education events and the sessions that make up the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.  We invite every parish family to pray over and discuss the Sunday readings.

Our life together is centered around the celebration of the Eucharist.  Hearing God's Word prompts us to unite our lives of service with Christ's, to join in praising and thanking God for all creation and the many ways God has touched humanity throughout history.

At St. Kilian's you will find a congregation that is engaged in worship by praising God with hymns, spirituals and some of the best of contemporary Catholic music, listening attentively to the scriptures and the homily that flows from them, gathering around the altar of Christ's sacrifice, bound together by our communion in Christ's body and blood, sent forth “in peace to love and serve the Lord.”

The Word gives rise to faith and faith to action.  St. James taught us to demonstrate our faith from our works.  The prophets, too, were exemplary in that their faith always called for action on behalf of the defenseless and oppressed.

The grace received at these two Tables strengthens us to serve generously.

There are opportunities to support the local food pantry, to support Seed of Hope (formerly the Hartford Pregnancy Center), to cook for vulnerable parish families, to purchase Christmas gifts for local families in need, to support St. Kilian's partnership with the Community Lunch held monthly at the Methodist Church, to support Archdiocesan social programs through the Catholic Stewardship Appeal.  The youth have service opportunities in Milwaukee's inner city and may participate in a summer WorkCamp experience.  We contribute to national and international projects through Catholic Relief Services, Heifer International, the United States Catholic Conference's collections and the missions, collections for the House of Peace and St. Ben's Meal Program, and a children's collection every third Sunday of the month.  We are learning more about the defenseless and oppressed around the world and the systems which are at the root of injustices.

We invite you to journey with us as we are formed into a prayerful people who are nourished at the Tables of Word and Sacrament and called to serve the world Christ loves so dearly.  Remember, God loves you and sends us out to be the hands and feet of Christ.





Together, Let’s Grow as Disciples!

“Go out to all the world and tell the good news!”  Joining a Catholic parish like St. Kilian's, means participating in the work of the local church.  Where is the Lord calling me, inspired by the Spirit given to me in baptism, to build the kingdom of God?  Is the Lord calling me to minister in the parish outreach efforts of St. Kilian?  Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty-staffing the food pantry, driving folks to doctor's appointments, assisting immigrants in their adjustment to society in a new land, advising and giving counsel ....

Or is the Lord calling me to hand on the faith in the parish religious education programs?  Am I called to prepare young people for their first Holy Communion, or the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or with the Sacrament of Confirmation?  Do I hear the Lord calling my name to bring Holy Communion to the sick or to assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at Sunday and/or weekday Masses... Or proclaiming the Word of God as a Lector... Or assisting in the taking up of the offertory collection to assist the work of the church as an Usher?  Is the Lord urging me to use my voice to proclaim God's praises as a leader of song or a member of one of the parish choirs?  Do I feel that I have been given gifts to console the grieving, comfort the bereaved, as a minister of consolation?  Am I being called to assist engaged couples in their journey toward the sacrament of matrimony?  Have I been called to give witness to the importance of the Sacrament of Baptism in our parish preparation programs to young couples with newborn babies?

President John F. Kennedy famously asked our nation: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but you can do for your country.”  As baptized Catholics, we register in the parish to become fully engaged in the work of the local church.  We do not register to get something for ourselves, but to give ourselves away in love for Christ and God's people. 

The Catholic Church, St. Kilian Church, has doors open to all.  We receive our sacraments here, participate in Mass, and live the Gospel.  St. Kilian's is our parish.  It is our home.  St. Kilian will be as warm and wonderful, as caring and understanding, as welcoming and invitational, as you and I are, and as we make our parish. 

Register for a ministry!  Be a good steward; a caretaker of all that Christ has entrusted to you.  Ministry is not an option, but a responsibility.  All baptized believers, by virtue of our baptism, are to spend our lives proclaiming the love of Christ through our words and actions.  How will the Lord use you as His instrument?  Who's prayer can you be an answer to?

Please come to the Eucharist weekly.  By our participation at Mass, the high point of our week and of our lives, we are energized by the power of God; and in our sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ, we are transformed to live as Christ lived.
How do I register for ministry?  It is a simple matter of filling out the forms (please click here), or you may pick up a packet at the parish office, or call the office at (262) 673-4831 ext. 7403 to request a packet be mailed to your home.  We are happy to discuss the opportunities to become involved here with our parish family.

Life with Christ is a Wonderful Adventure!

Click here for Stewardship Time and Talent reflection brochure

Click here for Parish Ministry Booklet to learn more about ways you might become involved!

Time and Talent Sign-Up Sheet