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School Committee

Members, Subcommittess and more

The School Committee, as a standing committee of the Parish Council, shall have as its primary concern, the spiritual and intellectual development of the students. The School Committee monitors the activities of the sub-committees associated with St. Kilian School listed below.

St. Kilian School Committee Members

  • Jenny Trimberger, Principal 673-3081, ext. 116
  • Fr. Britto Suresh, Pastor
  • Leslie Biersack, Teacher Representative
  • Paul Cappoferri, Parish Council Liaison
  • Jason Schnitzler, Chair (2017) 
  • Jen Kubisch 
  • Brian Merklein
  • Lynda Doll
  • Patrick Ciganek
  • Kevin Gehring
St. Kilian School Subcommittees

Development Committee

The Development Committee shall create, define and maintain a connection with St. Kilian School Alumni through an up-to-date database, two annual newsletters, one annual appeal, and a Friends of St. Kilian Dinner. The Development Committee monitors educational and religiously related legislation and news sources favorable or unfavorable to religious organizations. The activities of the Development Committee will increase the level of third source funding for the operation of St. Kilian Educational Ministries through direct donations, grants and planned activities. The primary repository for funds raised through activities is the Education Endowment Fund.

Development Committee Members

  • Jenny Trimberger, Principal 673-3081, ext. 116
  • Ron Weber, Jr.
  • Matt Stachura, Chairperson
  • Chris Olson

Athletic Committee

The Athletic Committee is a volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to organize and provide a school sports program for St. Kilian School students. The Athletic Committee provides an understanding of skills and competition, emphasizing Christian sportsmanship and teamwork. The Athletic Committee provides community outreach through its annual tournament in February.

Athletic Committee Members

  • Ron Pizzino, Athletic Director
  • Robb Bessey
  • Julie Brault
  • Dan Carroll
  • Mary Gehring
  • Henry Klink, Jr.
  • Patty Lang
  • Joel Mandel
  • Kim Vaughan
  • Steve Wiedmeyer
  • Joe and Sandy Wisth
  • Bobbie Jo Zuern
  • Jenny Trimberger, Principal 673-3081, ext. 116

Home and School Association

St. Kilian Home and School Association provides a means of communication and outreach between parents, school staff and school committee. The Home and School Association provides parenting programs as outreach for promotion of welfare and education of children. The Home and School Association supports St. Kilian School and St. Kilian Parish through assistance activities, social functions and fund raisers. The Home and School Association provides community outreach in order to create a greater appreciation of Catholic Education.

All parents/guardians of present students shall be included as members of the Home and School Association. Any other person interested in the objectives stated in the Home and School Constitution Article II shall be eligible for membership.

Home & School Association Officers

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Patrick Drinan, Treasurer

Technology Committee

The purpose of the Technology Committee is to establish, implement and maintain a plan for integration of technology into the school, parish and community. Students and adults need to be prepared to handle the challenges of an ever-changing, highly technological society. Parents will be educated in technology through open houses and newsletters. Parish Members will be offered opportunities to expand their technological literacy through informational meetings and hands-on workshops. The Technology Committee is committed to explore innovative methods of using technology in conjunction with businesses, libraries and other schools in the local and global community.

Technology Committee Members

  • Cheryl Mueller
  • David George
  • Kim Wiedmeyer
  • Greg Kubisch, Chairperson
  • Jeff Cain, Technology Teacher
  • Jenny Trimberger, Principal 673-3081, ext. 116

Marketing Committee

The St. Kilian School Marketing Committee is dedicated to the retention of families currently registered in the school and to the recruitment of new families to the school and to the parish.

Marketing Committee Members

  • Kelly Schnitzler
  • Jenn Kreuger
  • Theresa Joop
  • Jenny Trimberger, Principal 673-3081, ext. 116