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Enlightened by Faith, Enriched by Education

Prayer & Worship

Prayer and Worship Committee

This committee of the Pastoral Council prepares the community for worship by providing a hospitable environment, by organizing communal anointing of the sick and an occasional signed mass, and by assuring the training of the liturgical ministers. This group also promotes and organizes the biannual Parish Mission. We evaluate our liturgies using theology, liturgical guidelines and rubrics, and, most importantly, the Second Vatican Council's basic liturgical principle, that is, that full, active, and conscious participation in Sunday Eucharist is the source and summit of all else the church does.

Prayer & Worship Committee Members:

Pat Devine
Bill Ohm
Dennis Vlasak
Ron Weber, Jr.
Greg Labuda, Parish Council Liaison
Audrey Rhinehart, Organist, Staff Liaison
Fr. Britto Suresh, Administrator, 673-4831, ext. 401

Art & Environment Subcommittee


We ask for help from our parishioners to develop a team of people with varying interests and abilities, to help care for, plan, and create a beautiful environment throughout our building, but particularly in the church itself where we celebrate the Paschal Mystery.  This team of individuals helps to craft and oversee, specifically, the Liturgical Environment and Décor in the church.  This is no small task!  Some of these tasks overlap with the role of a Sacristan, and this team will work together with our staff!  Here are some specific areas and skills which we are hoping to find among our fellow parishioners:

Liturgical Art and Church Documents:

The care and decoration of the Altar and the church environment requires a working knowledge of some of the documents of the Church.  There are specific requirements, guidelines, and restrictions that we follow throughout the year, working to highlight our liturgical seasons and the Holy Mass, which is our primary celebration as Catholics.  We will share these documents with you!


Along with knowledge of Liturgical Art and Church documents, those who are skilled at designing and arranging our environment are extremely important.  This is more than just arranging flowers, although that skill is helpful.  With an eye to what we celebrate, those who can vision and help to create a welcoming space that draws the assembly into the action of the Mass, are a must in this area.  We strive for our whole community to come together in prayer, and our environment helps us to do this in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Fabric Care:

We have a lot of fabric and materials that we use in the church, from Altar Cloths, to banners, to fabric to place around flowers, etc.  All this material needs to be laundered, ironed, and organized.  Many of the fabric pieces have unhemmed edges which will need some attention to clean them up as well.  In addition, we are looking for folks whose sewing skills are topnotch and will be able to help us create new Altar Cloths, banners, etc. in the future.

Flower/Plant Care:

We also use a lot of plants and flowers throughout the year in our decorations.  Some plants are purchased seasonally, like Poinsettias and Easter Lillies.  These need regular watering during those seasons.  Other plants we keep throughout the year, introducing them into the liturgical environment seasonally or for special events, which need weekly watering and care throughout the entire year.

Candle Care:

We use a lot of candles during our prayer.  Altar candles are always used during the celebration of the Mass, and they require regular attention and care.  We also have votive candles in racks in the church, which require care each week.  And for special events, like the Easter Vigil, we also use taper candles which we light from the Easter Candle, shining the Light of Christ!

Holy Water & Fonts:

While we have one main Baptismal Font in the church, we also have smaller fonts at the Breezeway entrance where we dip our fingers and make the sign of the cross in blessing.  All these receptacles of this Sacramental sign of Holy Water require regular cleaning, care, and filling.

Heavy Lifters:

We are always in need of those who can assist with moving flowers and plants, but also for special occasions, those who can do some heavy lifting are essential.  This might include climbing ladders to hang wreaths or fabric banners, carrying in and putting up the Christmas trees and lights, setting up the crèche, etc.  We are grateful to all our parishioners for their support of our parish community, especially during these Holy Seasons!  If you may be able to assist in any of these areas, please let us know.  Many hands make light work.  And as we continue to develop this ministry, we pray that our prayer as a community of faith will be strengthened by your generosity and goodness.  Please contact Joni Volkert at 262-673-4831 ext. 7403 or to volunteer or for more information!