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Sacramental and Religious Formation

Sacramental and Religious Formation


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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

While this initiation process was developed for adults who have not been baptized. Those baptized into another Christian Church who wish to learn more about the Catholic teachings with the possibiIity of becoming Catholic, and adult Catholics wishing to receive Confirmation are also welcome.  It includes regular reflection upon the Sunday readings, learning about the teaching and practices of the Catholic faith, and finding ways toward development of a deeper spirituality.  RCIA concludes with the celebration of baptism, first communion, and/or confirmation at the Easter Vigil followed by a couple of sessions to celebrate the events and change in the lives of participants.  Contact the parish office for more information.

Children's Catechumenate

The Children's Catechumenate is designed for children past the age of seven that are unbaptized or uncatechized. They shall be instructed for sacramental initiation using age appropriate materials. The process includes regular reflection upon the Sunday readings and seeks to help individuals develop an explicitly Christian spirituality. Such instruction usually extends over a one-year period to allow for formation and readiness for the celebration of the sacraments of initiation and to prepare the children to enter the regular religious formation classes at their appropriate grade level for continued instruction. Contact the Director of Religious Education for more information.

Rite of Infant Baptism

Catholic parents may seek baptism for their infants (anyone under age seven) by appointment with the parish.  Parents are asked to attend a baptismal preparation class in order to learn more about the purpose of Baptism, choosing of godparents, and responsibilities that come with this sacrament.


In the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, children are confirmed near age sixteen, in their junior year of high school. To prepare for this sacrament of initiation, they attend religious education classes, complete service projects, participate in a retreat and participate in the liturgical life of the parish.

Confirmation for Adults who have been baptized will involve preparation and is arranged through contact with the parish.

First Eucharist

Preparation for First Eucharist occurs in the second grade. Direct preparation for the sacrament is completed by the parents in the home. The school and religious education programs assist parents in carrying out this right and responsibility.

First Reconciliation

Preparation for First Reconciliation occurs in the second grade. The program is designed to aid the students and their parents in feeling comfortable with this sacrament of healing.


Individual reconciliation is celebrated at the time indicated in the bulletin or by appointment with the Pastor. Communal services are celebrated during Advent and Lent.

Eucharist for the Sick and Homebound

St Kilian is happy to give pastoral support to those in the hospital, sick,or homebound.  Due to the medical privacy laws, hospitals do not notify us when parishioners are patients.  Therefore, we ask the family to give us a call.  Those at the Hartford Hospital receive Communion from a Eucharistic Minister each Sunday. To request Communion be brought to an individual or if you have any questions about Communion to the sick or homebound contact the parish office.

Anointing of the Sick

The Anointing of the Sick can be administered to individuals who are facing serious illness, serious surgery or suffering the effects of advanced age. Anointing of the Sick is celebrated at the time indicated in the bulletin or by appointment with Fr. David La Plante. Those seeking the sacrament are encouraged to meet with him before going to the hospital. Periodically, the sacrament is celebrated communally.

Viaticum and Prayers for the Dying

When a Catholic is dying, he or she may desire Eucharist.  Eucharistic ministers and lay presiders, as well as the Pastor, are able to administer Viaticum outside mass and may lead the prayers for the dying.

Ministry to the Grieving

When a family has experienced the death of a loved one and is in need of support, please call the parish office for information about the services that may be available.


St. Kilian's marriage preparation process uses personal reflection, reflection upon your relationship and liturgical and musical preparation to help you get off to a good start with your marriage. Everything we do, including prepare the details of the wedding itself, has a good marriage as its goal. We are indeed privileged to walk with you at the beginning of your lifetime journey together. Call Fr. David La Plante at (262) 673-4831, ext. 401 at least six months prior to your anticipated wedding date.

Adult Education

Throughout the year, there are opportunities for adults to learn more about their faith or about the Bible.  Father David and others offer sessions at various times which will be published in the bulletin.  Other forms such as guest speakers, videos with discussion, parish missions, retreat days will also be listed in the bulletin as they are  scheduled.

Small Groups

We encourage you to create bible study groups, prayer groups, reflections groups, support groups and fun groups. Any group may meet under parish auspices provided that your plans and materials are approved by Fr. David La Plante. We'll be happy to get you started and support you in your endeavors. These groups are a wonderful way of fostering friendship and companionship. Scripture reflection groups, a woman's reflection group and a support group for those who've recently divorced are currently meeting.