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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided for the hearing impaired?
Hearing assistance devices are in the sacristy. An usher or another liturgical minister would be happy to help you find them.

Where can I find a Missalette?
Missalettes can be found in the gathering space in the left drawer under the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe or on the table in the breezeway entrance.

How do I know the hymn numbers?
The hymnboards are located at the top of the NW and NE pillars.

How do I know which hymnal to use?
Please use the blue hymnal if the number is preceded by a zero, e.g. 015. Otherwise, use Worship (red hymnal).

I'm new to the Catholic Church and don't know the responses for mass by heart yet. Where do I find them?
The order of worship begins at number 202 in Worship.  These pages are printed with red on the end of the pages so they stand out in the book. The Catholic Mass has a variety of responses and options, so you may want to familiarize yourself with the order before Mass begins.

Where do I put the Campbell's Soup Labels, Boxtops for Education, and milk caps from Golden Guernsey, Kemps and Morning Glory gallon milk containers?
These items may be placed in the gathering space in the right drawer beneath the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For individuals who use the breezeway entrance, place the items in the drawer of the table beneath the statue of St. Barbara.

How do I make monetary donations to the Hartford Food Pantry?
To make monetary donations, use the envelope marked Hartford Food Pantry from your envelope packet, or use a blank envelope and specify that the contents are for the Hartford Food Pantry.

Where do I drop off food for parish events?
For socials, take the food to the Gathering Space kitchen in the church. For funeral luncheons, take the food to the Gathering Space kitchen in the church. For major events, take the food to the school cafeteria kitchen.

I received my first envelope packet in the mail yesterday. What are all the different envelopes for?
There is an envelope provided for each Sunday. This money supports the general operation of the parish (salaries, heat, electricity and expenses). The parish also has restricted funds. The following envelopes are for these funds. The monies donated to these funds are not used for general operating expenses.

  • There is a monthly blue envelope entitled "Growing Together." Its contributions defray the expenses associated with renovating the church.
  • The contributions in the Education Endowment envelope help grow a fund whose earnings supplement the school and religious education programs.
  • The contributions in the Maintenance envelopes are used for capital expenses.
  • The contributions for the Hartford Food Pantry and the St. Vincent de Paul Society are turned over to them regularly.
  • The collection from the Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service is divided in half between the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Hartford Food Pantry .
  • The collection from the Thanksgiving mass is given to the St. Vincent de Paul Society .
  • The Holy Thursday collection is given to St. Benedict's Meal Program and the Good Friday Collection goes for the upkeep of the Holy Land shrines. If collections are taken at the Lenten Ecumenical Services, they go to the Hartford Food Pantry.

Parish Picnic
Each July, near St. Kilian's feast day, we have our annual picnic. It is a time for welcoming new parishioners, a time to catch up on old acquaintances, and a time to share food and play together. All are invited!