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Mass Schedule


Weekend & Weekday Masses

Due to COVID-19 all public Masses are cancelled until further notice




                     Tuesday at 9:00 am

                     Friday at 9:00 am

                     Sunday at 9:00 am


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Masses are placed on the website ( after the Live event and can be viewed at your leisure.


THE LATEST INFORMATION on Masses from Fr. David, published in the May 17th bulletin and the May 2020 St. John & St. Kilian Update mailed to parishioners homes in late May.


Weekend Masses at St. Kilian Congregation

Saturday - 4:30pm at St. Kilian, Hartford
Sunday - 9:00am and 11:15am at St. Kilian, Hartford
Also serving St. John Congregation, Rubicon
Saturday - 6:30pm at St. John, Rubicon
Sunday - 7:30am at St. John, Rubicon

Weekday Masses

Tuesday and Friday - 8:20am at St. Kilian, Hartford

Thursday 9:30am - Masses at area Nursing Homes, consult bulletin for location


Please consult the parish bulletin for the actual weekday schedule as it may change.

Click here for the bulletin.