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Human Concerns Committee

Human Concerns Committee and Members

The Human Concerns Committee is the group under whose umbrella various needs of persons in our parish and in the wider community, especially the poor, are served. The committee oversees various projects, but also has subcommittees which service many areas of concern.

The committee meets on the fourth Tuesday evening of the month. Each meeting begins with a proclamation of the Gospel of the following Sunday with a shared reflection on the relevancy of the scriptures in our lives.

Enriched by the Word of God and committed to the justice dimensions of scripture, the members discuss and initiate ways to involve the parish in actively accepting the responsibility of their baptismal call to serve humanity in justice and love.

Among the outreach projects of subcommittees are the following:

  • PARISH VISITATION: Parishioners visit the homebound and nursing homes and bring the Eucharist.
  • HEARTWARMING MEALS (special needs): Members of Human Concerns, with the help of other parishioners, provide meals for families and individuals who may be in need of a prepared homemade meal. The purpose of this ministry is to bring comfort to families experiencing stress due to illness or the loss of a loved one, families going through times of transition, families who are welcoming a new baby, families enduring unemployment or any kind of hardship.
  • CELEBRATION OF LIFE FUNERAL MEALS: Meals are served after each funeral liturgy to the family and friends of the deceased.
  • PRAYER NETWORK: Requests for prayers are called to or e-mailed to assigned leaders. The message is passed on and the intentions are prayerfully remembered. Names are not used in the message in accord with confidentiality restrictions.
  • SUNDAY SOCIALS: The Human Concerns Committee coordinates the Sunday Socials with the various parish committees and ministries serving the refreshments after the weekend liturgies.

The projects overseen directly by the committee are:

  • The BABY SHOWER for Hartford Pregnancy Center in January
  • The RICW BOWL Collection during Lent to help the poor world wide
  • CHILDREN'S COLLECTION: On the third weekend of the month the children are called forward during the liturgies to make contributions to parish, community, and global causes. Ordinarily the causes directly involve children in need. Donations have gone to such projects as:
    • Sponsorship of children from Third World Countries
    • Crop Walk
    • St. Vincent de Paul
    • Our own St. Kilian WORK CAMP Project
    • Catholic Social Services as disasters and emergencies occur
    • Respect Life Events
    • Red Cross

THE GIVING TREE is another special project. In conjunction with the Hartford Christmas Committee, the parish participates in a program during Advent which helps the needy in the Hartford area. Parishioners select a gift tag from a Christmas Tree in the gathering space which has a gift item or two listed on it. Parishioners bring the item(s) to church, place them under the tree, and the gifts are then distributed to those in need.