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The heart of a parish is the Eucharist, but the parish family is the body that makes it a unique and vibrant community with an inspiring parish life. Saint Kilian Catholic Church offers a variety of ways to be part of that communal family in addition to the celebration of the sacraments.

The parish community has a special role in promoting participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community.

“The parish is where the Church lives. Parishes are communities of faith, of action, and of hope. They are where the Gospel is proclaimed and celebrated, where believers are formed and sent to renew the earth.
Parishes are the home of the Christian community; they are the heart of our Church. Parishes are the place where God’s people meet Jesus in word and sacrament and come in touch with the source of the Church’s life.”

— Communities of Salt and Light, p. 1

Read more from the Communities of Salt and Light document from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).


The Story of Ash Wednesday - Kim Mandelkow, Archdiocese of Milwaukee Office for Worship - Catholic Herald




Stations of the Cross                                                                            Lenten Reconciliation Services

St. John - Friday, March 5 at 6:30pm                                                      St. John - Thursday, March 18 at 6:30pm

St. Kilian - Friday, March 12 at 6:30pm                                                   St. Kilian - Tuesday, March 23 at 6:30pm

St. John - Friday, March 19 at 6:30pm

St. Kilian - Friday, March 26 at 6:30pm


Holy Week at St. John & St. Kilian


March 28, 2021—PALM SUNDAY OF


Saturday, March 27

4:30 pm - Blessing of Palms and Mass - St. Kilian

6:30 pm - Blessing of Palms and Mass - St. John

Sunday, March 28

7:30 am - Blessing of Palms and Mass - St. John

9:00 am - Blessing of Palms and Mass - St. Kilian

11:15 am - Blessing of Palms and Mass - St. Kilian



April 1, 2021—HOLY THURSDAY

7:00 pm - Mass of the Lord’s Supper - St. Kilian

April 2, 2021—GOOD FRIDAY

1:00 pm - Celebration of the Lord’s Passion - St. Kilian

5:00 pm - Celebration of the Lord’s Passion - St. John

April 3, 2021—HOLY SATURDAY

8:00 pm - Easter Vigil in the Holy Night - St. Kilian

April 4, 2021—EASTER SUNDAY

7:30 am - Easter Mass - St. John

9:00 am - Easter Mass - St. Kilian

11:15 am - Easter Mass - St. Kilian



Each time we put on a mask,

May it be an invitation
to remembrance,

A communal call to pause
and grieve

All those we have lost,

A number so high it
defies imagination.

Apart though we are
and must be,

May we recognize
that we are linked,

All of us held together by these
bits of fabric and elastic,

Stitched into a beautiful quilt
of shared humanity,

Wrapping all the way
around the globe.

To put on a mask is
to light a candle,

And may our light
be bright indeed,

Bright enough to comfort us
in our mourning,

Bright enough to dare us to hope,

That our love will lead us
to a better future.



2021 Catholic Stewardship Appeal

The Catholic Stewardship Appeal offers a unique opportunity to support Catholic life throughout the ten-county Archdiocese of Milwaukee with a single gift—a gift that helps sustain a broad spectrum of life-changing ministries and programs that meaningfully impact people’s lives.

The Catholic Stewardship Appeal reminds us that if we come together as people of God, we can accomplish far more than any one of us could on our own. We want the Church to be strong, vital, and serve the faithful through the sacraments and ministry. We need to serve the poor and comfort those who are suffering. We celebrate a Church that is diverse, welcoming, inclusive, spiritual, and joyful.         

We at St. Kilian are a generous giving community. We faithfully contribute to meet the needs of our own parish, but also give to serve the greater Church through our support of the Catholic Stewardship Appeal.

Each year we are asked to ensure that the Church not only sustains, but also grows ministries that will strengthen and expand its support to:

  • parishes, Catholic schools, and religious education programs
  • Catholic Charities
  • formation of priests and deacons, and parish lay leaders
  • among many other efforts

Click here to see the 2021 Catholic Stewardship Appeal Video, Rise Above


Visit the Catholic Stewardship Appeal website


Contributions to the annual $8.1 million Catholic Stewardship Appeal are restricted for use in four key areas of ministry:

  • Serving Those in Need
  • Strengthening Parish Ministries and Promoting Evangelization
  • Supporting Catholic Schools and Parish Religious Education
  • Forming Priests, Deacons and Fostering Parish Leadership

Each area includes distinct and essential services that form an important part of what the Church in southeastern Wisconsin does to serve God.  Gifts to the 2021 Appeal are used solely to support these ministries and shall be kept separate from other assets of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

A total of $8.1 million for the 2021 Catholic Stewardship Appeal is the amount needed to conduct the Appeal and fund the various ministries described above.  If more than that amount is raised, the excess will be used for one or more of the ministries described to provide expanded services. If the goal is not, some ministries described will be funded at lower levels or may have to be suspended.


This year, 2021, the Men of Christ Conference will occur, but in a different manner than in years past.  Those who have attended in the past can attest to the quality of speakers and the importance of their message.  This year is no different.

Due to the pandemic, the Men of Christ team has determined that the best way to hold this year's conference and maintain safety is to have a virtual conference, where participants can join in a smaller, safe setting simultaneously.

This year we are planning to host a location here at St. Kilian in the Gathering Space.  You may contact Ron Weber at 262-707-2939 or if you have questions or would like to make your reservation.




Scrip is now available for purchase of in-stock card & certificates in the St. Joseph Room just off the Gathering Space on Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.  Face masks and social distancing is required.

Scrip orders with payment can be placed for items that aren't kept in stock.  At this time we returned to placing orders with Great Lakes Scrip every Monday.  Placing of standing orders has also resumed.

In stock Scrip can also be purchased in the parish office during regular office hours!

Scrip is available to be ordered on ScripNow, eGift cards, or reloaded on your registered Scrip cards via your computer or on your mobile device with ScripWallet.  These options all include your rebate being credited to your account! 

Go to www. and log into your account using the Sign In tab.  If you don't have an account and would like to set up an account, please contact Linda at 262-397-7315 to get the enrollment code or if you have any questions or need assistance.  Scrip rebates can go toward St. Kilian School or RE fees - just set it up with Linda!



Did you know St. Kilian has a Facebook page?  If not, head over to our page by clicking here or on the Facebook Logo below!  Stay up to date with activities at the Parish and the School!


Celebrating 50 Years Catholic Campaign For Human Development

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)—that’s 50 years supporting initiatives that empower families, immigrants, new mothers, the elderly, and those in need. Through CCHD’s work across the U.S., they’ve also empowered individuals to become active participants in their communities by partnering with other local organizations.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, working to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ "... to bring good news to the poor ...  release to captives ...  sight to the blind, and let the oppressed go free." (Luke 4:18)

At the parish level, we are active in the work of the CCHD.  The Pastoral Council directs the Human Concerns Committee to discern and respond to the needs of persons in the parish, the wider community, and the world, by identifying resources to meet their needs and enlisting the active cooperation and participation of parishioners.  The committee members collaborate with the pastor, staff, and other organizations and agencies in service, advocacy, justice education, and empowerment of people.  Some of the Human Concerns Committee’s activities include sponsoring a child (Jaro) in a third world country, Pack-A-Lunch project, Souper Sunday, Baby Shower for Seed of Hope, Lenten Rice Bowls, and many more.

The current chairperson of Human Concerns is Mary Murphy.  If you are interested in receiving more information on the Committee’s activities, or are interested in joining the Committee, please contact the Parish Office at 262-673-4831 ext. 7403, or, and your information will be passed on to Mary.



Here is the full text of Pope Francis' Encyclical FRATELLI TUTTI ON FRATERNITY AND SOCIAL FRIENDSHIP released on October 3, 2020.


Fratelli Tutti Explained - Catholism in Focus- Breaking in the Habit - Pope Francis' new encyclical "Fratelli Tutti" is a tour de force of Catholic Social Teaching for our world in 2020. He calls us to be brothers and sisters to all, overcoming differences as we encounter the "other." Here's a brief overview of the document.


Why Ordinary Time? - Fr. Brice Higginbotham - Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux - Ever wondered what it means to be in the season of Ordinary Time?




Fr. Britto joined St. John and St. Kilian on August 4th!







Struggle Is Necessary - Fr. Mike Schmitz

It may sound counterintuitive, but choosing the harder path may make our life easier. Here’s why:

When caterpillars go into their cocoons for hibernation, they struggle against the barrier of the cocoon for months on end, trying to get out. It’s only when their wings have developed and they’re strong enough to fly that they are able to break free and escape. If a caterpillar were to somehow get set free from its cocoon before it was strong enough to escape on its own, it wouldn’t be able to fly, and would eventually die.

The same is true in a way for us. When we face struggles in life, they have great potential to make us stronger. Not only do hard things make us stronger, but they prepare us more for harder temptations, trials, and suffering in the future. In a way, we are made more able to handle future struggles because of the little hard choices we make daily.

Some struggles are greater than others, and maybe there are some things that you are constantly trying to avoid because they are so hard for you to do. But nevertheless, these are the struggles that you are faced with. These are the things God wants to make you stronger through. Because he knows what you need to continue on your path, and he knows that these struggles are not only going to make you stronger but will intensify the victories he has prepared for you. There are some things that come from struggle that are so much more glorious than a scare-free life, and the Lord is ready to show you what triumphs he has in store for you.


If You Think This Year Was Supposed to Be Different - Fr. Mike Schmitz

We might have had different plans for this year, but were they really supposed to happen?

We all wonder whether we’re actually following God’s will for us, but the reality is that, unless we are directly going against the Lord in some way, we are doing his will by just living our life. Wherever this year has taken us, whatever it has us doing, is exactly where God wants us to be. This is one of the joys of being a faithful Christian: as long as we are following the laws of the Lord, we can never be outside his will.

This is true even today, as everything we thought we knew about this year was turned on its head. We may have had radically different plans and expectations for where we’d be now, or what we’d be doing, but it wasn’t the will of God. God has us exactly where he wants us, and as long as we remain faithful to him, we’ll follow the path that he’s paved for our lives.

So, what if we’re not following the Lord? This is what the call of repentance is all about: if we’re not following the Lord, then we get to change the course of our lives and turn toward him through confession and penance. And you know when a perfect time for this is? Christmas!

Because of Christmas, our lives don’t have to be a lost cause or a dead end. Because God gave his only begotten son to us, we can turn our lives around and aim them at the light of Christ. It’s through the incarnation that eternal life with God became a possibility and that repentance was born. Because Christ came to earth, we can use our lives to follow the will of God, even after steering off course. We now have a future, through the power of our Father’s love.



From Archbishop Listecki - "Sunday: A Joyful Obligation"

In this new video, Archbishop Listecki reflects on the expiration of the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, which ended on September 14, 2020.



See you at Mass video  See You at Mass is an invitation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to return to Mass in person. This video compilation is the first of 11 personal testimonies and interviews on the joys and necessities of attending Mass. See you at Mass!

See You at Mass: Fr. Javier Bustos (November 12, 2020) - "We become one family, sons and daughters of the same God, when we share one bread — and hopefully soon, one cup." Fr. Javier Bustos (Our Lady Queen of Peace, Milwaukee) shares with us his personal testimony on the joys and necessities of attending Mass. “See You at Mass” is an invitation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to return to Mass. #seeyouatMas

See You at Mass: Fr. Aaron Laskiewicz (November 5, 2020) - "The most important thing we'll ever do in life is attend Mass." Fr. Aaron Laskiewicz (St. Dominic Catholic Parish, Brookfield) shares with us his personal testimony on the joys and necessities of attending Mass. “See You at Mass” is an invitation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to return to Mass.  #seeyouatMass

See You at Mass: Fr. Ricardo Martín (October 29, 2020) - "We receive the Real Presence of Christ so that we can become the Real Presence of Christ for others." Fr. Ricardo Martín (Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Racine) shares with us his personal testimony on the joys and necessities of attending Mass.  #seeyouatMass

See You at Mass: Mary Tretow (October 22, 2020) - "Each week, we are given 168 hours. To go to Mass on Sunday is one hour — just one hour. It is a gift that I give myself each week." Mary Tretow (St. Mary's Visitation, Elm Grove, and principal at St. Mary's Visitation School) shares with us her personal testimony on the joys and necessities of attending Mass.  #seeyouatMass

See You at Mass: Henry and Peggy Bowles (October 15, 2020) "The importance of Sunday Mass — it's really the beginning of our week, and we want to start it the proper way — where we give Jesus what He deserves, give Him our all." Henry and Peggy Bowles (St. Martin de Porres - Milwaukee) share with us their personal testimonies on the joys and necessities of attending Mass. See You at Mass is an invitation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to return to Mass.  #seeyouatMass

See You at Mass: Mary and Bruce Words (October 1, 2020) - "When I miss Mass, I don't feel right. I really need to be there to worship God—and, there is no better place to do that than to be at Mass." Mary and Bruce Words (St. Martin de Porres, Milwaukee) share with us their personal testimony on the joys and necessities of attending Mass. See You at Mass is an invitation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to return to Mass and is a part of a video series. #seeyouatMass

See You at Mass: Fr. John Baumgardner (September 24, 2020) - “In just one hour, every Sunday for Mass, amazing things happen, and it can really transform the rest of your week.”  Fr. John Baumgardner (Old St. Mary, Milwaukee) shares with us his personal testimony on the joys and necessities of attending Mass. See You at Mass is an invitation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to return to Mass and is a part of a video series. 

See You at Mass: Olivia O’Keefe (September 17, 2020)  - "As a family, going to Mass is the source of our strength." Parishioner Olivia O’Keefe (Holy Name of Jesus, Sheboygan) shares with us her personal testimony on the joys and necessities of attending Mass. See You at Mass is an invitation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to return to Mass and is a part of a video series. See You at Mass!


Congratulations to those Ordained to the Priesthood on Saturday, May 16th!  Including St. Kilian's Justin Weber.  Fr. Justin grew up in Hartford with his parents Ron, Jr. and Kris.  He attended St. Kilian School and our High School RE Program.

Because their ordination could not be open to all, it was live-streamed at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 16. Please pray for Fr. Justin Weber, Fr. Patrick Magnor, Fr. Carlos Londono and Fr. Edward Sanchez after their reception of Holy Orders.


The recording of the LIVE-STREAM is available at and search for SJCathedralMKE.  Or, click here.



Christ Have Mercy Retreat: Jesus Invites You




Watch the bulletin for rescheduled dates!


For 10 years, the Christ Have Mercy Retreat has been one way that adult members of our congregations can encounter the mercy of Christ, and accept an invitation from the Spirit of Jesus, to grow in faith through reflection on and the practice of the Works of Mercy. In addition to members of St. John and St. Kilian Congregations, the retreat is also open to members of other congregations.

The retreat is given by a community of individuals from our parishes who have made this retreat in the past. Important elements of the retreat are: reflective prayer, presentations on the themes of mercy by speakers and through use of the Scriptures, small and large group discussion, fellowship time, and shared meals. This retreat was written specifically for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as part of the celebration of the Year of Mercy a decade ago.

The next retreat will take place at St. John Church in Rubicon in the church basement fellowship hall. It is a three-night commitment on three consecutive Mondays: March 23 and 30 and April 6 were the originally scheduled dates.

Each of these Monday nights will begin at 6 p.m. with prayer and a meal prepared by members of the Christ Have Mercy Community.

Each Monday evening will conclude at 9 p.m.

During the retreat, there will be a special Mass and a celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

For more information on the retreat, you can contact:
Mary Rusch (262) 370-4310
Carol Ripp (262) 673-6199