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Administrative Services

Administrative Services Committee

The Administrative Services Committee is responsible for the review of monthly financial reports, insuring that proper procedures and controls are in place to protect St. Kilian assets. The committee also reviews the annual budget prepared by the staff and makes recommendation to the Parish Council for both operating and capital expenditures. The Administrative Services Committee also monitors the activities of its subcommittees listed below.

Stewardship Mission and Resource Committee Members

  • Roger Thimm, Chairperson
  • Glenn Casette, Trustee SecretaryTreasurer
  • Chad Waldvogel, Trustee Treasurer
  • Kevin Volm
  • Ane Ohm
  • Fr. Britto Suresh
Administrative Services Subcommittees

Building and Grounds Committee
The Building and Grounds Committee prepares a five-year plan for maintaining the physical condition of parish property, buildings and grounds. Periodically, the committee will perform minor tasks when need arises.

Building & Grounds Committee Members

  • Brian Kowalke, Chairperson
  • Joe Wisth
  • Kevin Gehring
  • Joe Kohler
  • Ralph Kuepper
  • Dan Leischer, Director of Environmental Services 673-4831, ext. 305

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee is responsible for the maintaining the ongoing time, talent and treasure needs of the parish.

$CRIP Committee
The St. Kilian $crip Fundraising Program is a third source of funding designed to assist in the budgetary needs of the educational ministries of St. Kilian Parish.

$crip Committee Members

  • Sue Wendt, Chairperson
  • Judy Behlen
  • Mary Kowalke
  • Michele Mandel
  • Mary Pat Peters
  • Tom Retzloff

This program is easy to use and is an excellent source of income for the parish at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. Here's how it works:

  • You purchase $crip certificates or payment cards from the committee for stores like Sentry, Kohl's or whatever in the amount that you want. For example you could buy a $20 certificate for Kohl's.
  • You then use the certificate just like money at the store and you get FULL VALUE for it. In our example your certificate is worth the full $20 toward your purchases at Kohl's.
  • Then the parish gets a percentage of the amount of your purchases direct from the participating company.

St. Kilian Education Endowment Committee
The St. Kilian Education Endowment Committee advises the Board of Directors of St. Kilian Congregation on the annual activities of the Education Endowment Trust in order to hold and manage current and future resources of the trust fund.

Advisory Board

  • Beth Kuehl, Co-Chair Person
  • Mike Strock
  • Linda Simko
  • Connie Willer, Co-Chair Person

St. Patrick's Cemetery Committee
This committee advises St. Kilian Congregation's Board of Directors about the investments and upkeep of St. Patrick Cemetery.

Advisory Board

  • John Collins
  • Pat Nickols
  • Dave Schippers
  • Germaine Semler

St. Patrick's Chapel Endowment Fund
This committee advises St. Kilian Congregation's Board of Directors about the investments that assist in the chapel's upkeep.

Advisory Board

  • Rita Hanrahan
  • Barb Harry
  • Carol Montag
  • Ane Ohm
  • Germaine Semler