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Lectio Divina - Reading the Bible WIth Your Heart

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is pleased to share a downloadable Lectio Divina resource for the next Sunday Mass.  Please click here for the resource.



Lectio Divina: A Beginner’s Guide - An article by Busted Halo

Praying with Scripture by Fr. Douglas J. Leonhardt, SJ

The Basic Steps of LECTIO DIVINA by Jared Dees -

How to Pray Lectio Divina? Pope Francis Will Teach You, Step by Step -


Fr. James Martin, S.J., introduces readers to different ways to pray with the Bible. Here he talks about "Lectio Divina." Part of the "The Living Word" series from America and the American Bible Society.


In this video, Fr. Josh Johnson teaches us how to read Scripture prayerfully and come away with something we can do to improve our faith in God. He demonstrates how Lectio Divina is a helpful guide in our walk toward eternity.


Lectio Divina - Catholic Central