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Infant Baptism

We rejoice with you as you welcome your new child into your home and heart!  Baptism is the first step in living a life of faith in Christ.  Here at St. John and St. Kilian we are excited to take that first step with your family! 

Baptisms are celebrated during weekend liturgies.  If this is your first child, we require that parents attend a baptismal preparation session, typically held in the parish office on the first Monday of each month.  You are also welcome to attend a preparation session if this is not your first child, but would like to review the Rite of Baptism and interact with other parents as well.  Please contact the Parish Office to register. 

We ask that you provide:

  • a copy of your child's birth certificate
  • Confirmation information for the sponsor or godparents* (certificate or name, city of the parish, year, and maiden name, if applicable, where Confirmation was celebrated). 
  • bring, or mail to parish office, a completed parish baptismal form.

*The sponsor or at least one godparent (the godfather or godmother) must be a practicing Catholic who is at least 16 years of age and confirmed in the Catholic Church. You cannot have a Catholic as a sponsor if they are not Confirmed.  Choosing a sponsor or godparents


Pope Francis on Baptism: "The cry of a child is God's voice.  Truly, never, never chase them out of the church!"  Read the full (and short) article here.


Bring your child(ren) to Mass!  This is the ONLY way to learn to love our faith and to grow in the Body of Christ.  Click for an article on How to Take Young Children to Mass.


Your child(ren) learn by watching you and your actions!


Praying With Our Kids - From Catholic Digest.  This is a great article that offers suggestions on how to develop and continue to grow in prayer as families and for parents to help their children develop their own prayer lives.   

Prayer Tips For You and Your Kids - From




To turn in paperwork, inquire about baptismal preparation, and to schedule a baptism, please contact the St. Kilian parish office at 262-673-4831.